Friday, July 31, 2020

LOONEY TUNES / Bugs Bunny In "Hyde And Hare" - 1955

Welp, we end another month here at The Dungeon. Today's post is a cartoon directed by Friz Freleng, another genius making awesome cartoons for Warner Bros.

Love this one starring our favorite guy, Bugs Bunny, in a little horror tale from 1955. So, sit back and enjoy the laffs, you know, as much as you can in this nutso America we call home.

Dr. Jekyll takes Bugs to his place where our little pal will be well fed and taken care of...

Bugs checks out the home while the doctor goes into the lab to get some carrots. But, the doc sees his special formula just sitting there, and cannot fight the urge to drink it. He apologizes to the audience, then slams it down!

Bugs sees a piano and sits down to play a tune. He pretends to be Liberace, he makes a face and says.. I wish my brother George were here.

In the meantime, the doctor has changed into Mr. Hyde. He walks up behind Bugs, and without even turning around, the little guy senses danger!

And, this is what he sees when he does turn around!! YOW!!

The maniac chases Bugs (who's calling for the doctor's assistance) around the house, until, it changes back into the doctor.

Bugs takes the doc's hand to find what he thinks in a mentally disturbed patient... After a walk down the hall, well, you know what happens next.

The doctor is back so him and Bugs go into the storage room. Bugs nails up some boards and hands the doctor a rifle in case the creep shows up! You can see where this plan goes, to Hell.

Bugs and the doctor hide in a closet. It's amazing what such a simple image can convey!

Finally, Dr. Jekyll decides to pour the formula down the drain because of the mayhem it causes. But, the bottle's empty! He asks Bugs if he drank it, and our little bunny gets all insulted and tells the doctor that he's outta there!..

Bugs goes back to his home in the park. When he arrives, the regulars there see him and head for the hills! Including the birds...

Bugs is baffled!.. What's wrong with those people?! Haven't they ever seen a rabbit before?!!.. Hope you enjoyed this post, check in again tomorrow when we hear back from Eegah!!..

I want to thank our pals that left comments on how much we love our pets ~ So, Thank You ~


KD said...

I can just hear the voice of "the doc" now! I do remember this one, a real classic!

KD said...

For lots of people, our pets are our best pals! Neko the cat drives me nuts at times, but she's a doll nonetheless. :)

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