Saturday, July 4, 2020

NOWHERE MAN - "His Life Was Erased" (1995-96)

On this July 4th, I've got a loaded Saturday Night Special for you called "Nowhere Man," because that's what this day of Independence 2020 feels like, confused, lost and alone!

 "Nowhere Man" was a TV series I completely missed back in 1995-96 that was on the air for one season and 25 episodes! This is a very disturbing photo that is going to cause one man to have a whole life of misery in a short amount of time, and it sure seems like the government has a whole lot to do with it!

 Considering the quality of this show, cranking out that many episodes in such a short amount of time deserves more attention than it probably ever got.

 The next time you decide to get hitched, don't forget that the Lewis Motel has bridal suites!

 Bruce Greenwood is Tom Veil, a talented photographer!
In his lenthy career, Bruce has been everything from Kennedy in 2000 to being in stuff like "Hollywood  Homicide," "I, Robot," and "The World's Fastest Indian." He's still active and working today!

 Tom is having his first big gallery show. Everybody loves his work, but he's already ready to go! The first two episodes are directed by Tobe (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Hooper, and are probably about as good as TV gets!

 Tom and his beautiful wife Alyson bug out and go get a celebratory bite to eat!
Alyson is played by Megan (Star:Trek:Deep Space Nine) Gallagher.

 Tom and Alyson get into a bit of tiff, and Tom goes into the bathroom and smokes a cigarette, and when he comes back...............

............Alyson is gone, and this couple is sitting at his table! Not only is his wife gone, but his whole life is now gone too!

Employees at the restaurant that he has known for years suddenly don't know who he is, and when he starts making a scene, he's rudely shown the front door!

Desperate, he calls home, but the number is not good any more!

Tom gets a cab and goes home, Alyson opens the door and acts like she doesn't know who he is, and this other guy is now her husband! He still thinks it's some kind of horrible prank!

Just nothing is right, and he can't figure it out! How can it possibly be? Even his keys won't open familiar locks any longer!

With desperation growing deeper, Tom hides in the back of Alyson's car so he can talk to her alone. She's so scared, she goes along with him for a while, but when she gets a chance, she blows the whistle on him, and continues to act like she does not know him!

Of course, to everybody else but himself, Tom is nuttier than a fruitcake, and ends up in a straitjacket in this warm and comfortable hospital!

The Doctor takes him to his studio, but the photograph in question is no longer there, and only Tom knows where the negatives are, and he ain't talking!

Tom gets out of there, and goes to see his best friend, only to find him in this condition on the top shelf in a closet!

Then Tom goes to visit his estranged Mother, but finds himself staring into a potential face full of bullets instead!

The second episode is also directed by Tobe Hooper and revolves around Tom trying to rescue this woman named Ellen Combs who has been brainwashed, but she ends up turning on him too.
Ellen was played by Mimi Craven, who was born on September 28. 1957, and was in some movies like "Swamp Thing and "Nightmare On Elm Street." She was born Millicent E. Meyer, but took on the Craven last name when she was married to Director Wes Craven for five years.

The third episode was directed by 60's teen heart throb James (Moondoggie) Darren, and is about this psychic boy named Derek, who can't see, but knows more than anybody else about what's happening to Tom!

If you combined "The Fugitive" and "The Prisoner," and booted it thirty years into the future, and then you just might get a feel for what "Nowhere Man" is all about!
In the fourth episode, Tom gets captured again, and they try to reprogram his memory to make him think he was married to another woman, and by the sixth episode he finds out they are filming his ordeal as a TV show, ala "The Secret Cinema." So far, I've really enjoyed it, and am looking forward to see if they can keep up the momentum for the full 25 episodes! I hope so!
Many thanks again to Lord Litter, 'The Renegade of Culture Since 1984, for informing me about this show, and speaking of shows, do yourself a musical favor and go listen to one of his radio shows, they are simply the best!


Vaughn Banks said...

I remember this show. It was great. I loved it.

EEGAH!! said...

Thanks Vaughn, It is kind of great!

KD said...

"Nowhere Man" is everybody who isn't brown-nosing Herr Trump and his gang!

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