Wednesday, December 5, 2018

WILD THING - "Asphalt Kid" (1987)

It's a Wild Thing Wednesday down in The Dungeon this week!
He's "A Loner. A Legend. A Hero!"

 The  music and the movies  of the 50's and the 60's were so great , and the early 70's were good, but by the time we got to the 80's, it was anything goes! Whether that was a good or a bad thing, only time will tell! "Wild Thing" is a pretty damn fine example!

"Wild Thing" starts off in a hippie van in 1969!

Some street thugs off this young couple in the van, and their son just happened to witness the whole gruesome ordeal! There's your story!

The worst part is this stupid dirty cop was also in on the dastardly deed!! These two chickenshit bastards are Maury (Def-Con 4) Chaykin as the bad cop who will go on to be the bad Chief of Police, and Robert (Gangster Wars) Davi as Chopper who ends up being a local kingpin!

The little boy escapes by jumping in a river, and they think he drowned, but instead he's taken in by a street lady who teaches him about the evil blue coats and white coats!

The lady dies and the kid grows up roaming the streets like a feral cat!

The kid eventually becomes a local legend! Everybody's heard about him, but few have actually seen him in the flesh!

Kathleen (Twilight Zone: The Movie, The Hills Have Eyes, Apollo 13) Quinlan is Jane! Imagine that!

The mostly mute Tarzanesque young man and Jane's paths cross a number of times, and he finds himself having feelings for her that he has never experienced before!

Chopper reading GQ magazine gives you a good idea of the kind of humor infused into this film written by John Sayles, who among many other things, also wrote "The Brother From Another Planet!"

The legend of the "Wild Thing" becomes reality when he is forced to become visible to save Jane from the street punks!

He saves a gal from a fire, and almost loses his life in the process, and is taken into custody! "Wild Thing" was played by Robert Knepper, who has been quite busy for many years now, and has played everybody from Robert F. Kennedy to Frank Sinatra to William 'Clock King' Tockman!

Beware of the white coats she said!

The jig is up, and now Chopper and the Police Chief know that the kid they thought was dead is indeded the notorious "Wild Thing," and he's got their number!

I just like this shot because when I think "Light Lunch," I sure wouldn't consider Spaghetti, Lasagna and Pastrami!

Jane gets "Wild Thing" to talk, and they fall in love!

 Freakin' KRONOS! and Yes Virginia, they do use the song "Wild Thing" by The Troggs throughout the movie, but it doesn't sound like the original version to me, so they must have reworked it!

I sort of liked "Wild Thing," it's kind of stupid, but entertaining, and I'm pretty damn sure you've most certainly seen worse!


Jeff said...

Hm, tempted based on the comment that the same guy created Brother from Another Planet.

KD said...

For a second there, it looked like the last pic is a giant cat about to pounce on a group of teeny tiny little people below...

...then I saw the shoes and legs next to the cat, which ruined the illusion. :|

EEGAH!! said...

I can almost kinda see that!

KD said...

That's what I get for watching a couple episodes of Irwin Allen's LAND OF THE GIANTS last week...

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