Saturday, December 29, 2018

PUPPETMASTER - "Evil Comes In All Sizes" (1989)

 As if the puppets in "The Spirit Of Christmas," and "Diver Dan" weren't enough, my year end Saturday Night Special is the 1989 film "Puppetmaster," because let's face it, we're just all puppets in the game more than ever these days with all the strings being pulled by politicians on all sides, greedy corporations, and social media, so why not just come out and admit it?

 The "Puppetmaster" series of films is now legendary!

 And Charles Band is still pumping them out some almost 30 years later,

  The latest offering is "Puppet Master: Blitzkrieg Massacre," that was released just a couple of months ago! Some things just refuse to die!

 There are thousands of places that look like this along the California coastline, but I swear I've been here before!

 Beautiful place! Too bad it's not real!

 I used to live about 25 minutes from Bodega Bay, and I can guarantee you that there is not a building this majestic within 100 miles or more. In fact, this is actually the Castle Green Apartments in Pasadena, California which hasn't seen a coastline lately!

Yes indeed, the same Bodega Bay that was featured in Hitchcock's "The Birds"

 The same Bodega Bay that today hosts the radio station with the coolest call letters in the whole damn world, KWTF! Oh, Yeah!

 And besides having the coolest call letters in the world, KWTF also has a weekly show by Lord Litter that is always worth listening to! Trust me, if you like timeless music, give it a try!

 So I had to use this cool shot, because if I showed you pictures of the actors like the amazing Paul Le Mat, I'd have to go on and on how I couldn't get over the fact that I thought I was looking at Wayne Newton, and how did Wayne Newton, with all his money, get involved in a mess like this!

This is not Las Vegas Wayne!

Gone the way of the phone booth, this was a 1989 ATM machine.

 Because after that, we got this guy!

"Puppetmaster" is a comedy no doubt, and this pinhead dude is the comic relief!

The Drill Head doll makes me want to remind you once again that those call letters were:

I really don't want to know the significance of this female doll and her retching lethal leeches. 
Rated R for 'Raw!

This was the best shot of this little shit!

Pinhead's disproportionate body is so over the top, and then he gets continually thrown around like some rag doll little bitch, and even after he has his head removed, he still takes a lickin', keeps on tickin', and is a real pain in the ass! What a mini-stud!

So never count out the dolls, or the puppets, or the marionettes in your life, human or otherwise, because someday, they will all come back to haunt you! 
18 out, bring on 19! I had some fun, I hope you did too!


Bob Johns said...

Pin Head is still one of my favorites! It was cool to learn about the radio station that is in the hotel.

EEGAH!! said...

Sorry Bob, but the radio station is in the town, not the hotel.

KD said...

Once Band & Co. got onto the "merchandising" kick, their films became much less entertaining IMHO, because they were all about getting the suckers out here to buy and collect his damned crappy toys.

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