Monday, December 10, 2018

BRAIN DAMAGE / Now You're Really Losing Your Mind! - 1988

Here's one especially for our west coast Dungeon Operative, Zillagord... In this twisted story, Aylmer, a rather large, penis-shaped parasite, gives unsuspecting Brian major brain damage by getting him hooked on the hallucinogenic blue fluid that it produces! But, the thousand-year-old worm-like parasite demands something in return for the buzz, human brains! They misspell the little critter's name on the poster! A tale about drug abuse.

This thing stars Rick (WARLOCK III) Hearst, Gordon (THE THIN RED LINE) MacDonald, Jennifer (only acting credit) Lowry, Theo (BIG THUMBS) Barnes, Lucille (only acting credit) Saint-Peter and Dungeon Hero John Zacherley as the voice of Aylmer!

Brian's neighbors love to eat brains, all because they have an ugly little secret.

Oh no, their little pal Aylmer has escaped and they need it back to keep them juiced! They go into a state of shock and withdrawal, foaming at the mouth!

Aylmer ditches the elderly couple to try out a new subject, Brian... Well, hello der!!

Aylmer gets Brian stoned out of his gourd and B wanders into a junk yard. He's hallucinating like a mofo when a guard arrives and roughs him up. Next thing you know, Aylmer attacks!!

Aylmer then directs Brian to this place!! What the?!..

Anyway, Aylmer tells Brian all about its sad tale through the ages. Then, it shows Brian who's boss, it cuts him off from the drug to teach him to do what it wants!!

When Brian's girlfriend gets in the subway car with him, this is what he sees. Unfortunately for her, Aylmer eats her brain!

There's a scene in this movie involving a horny girl, Brian's crotch and Aylmer that is so twisted and disgusting, I just cannot show that still...

But of course, look who's in the car with Brian, it's Duane holding his precious basket!

So, guess who finally show up? Yeah, Brian's manic neighbors, they want their Aylmer back!!

Martha gets Aylmer back, off the back of Brian! But, Aylmer doesn't want them back!

Proof's in the brain pudding!!

After a big tussle though, Aylmer finally gets it, es ist mucho kaput, toast!! That's a wrap!

Okay then, Brian goes home and finds a huge zit on his head, so, he freakin' shoots it. After that, Brian transforms into a psychedelic beacon... You figure it out! Check in again on Wednesday when we beat another Dungeon post out of a bush!


Dr. Theda said...

and Zacherley as "voice" for Alymer... one that we do own...
... Forgot about the Sub-Way passenger... Basket Case
Great Post !! a pleasant week to you Guys...

TABONGA! said...

Hey Doc - We always enjoy your input, makes our day! Same to you pal - This definitely is one wound up flick!

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