Wednesday, December 12, 2018

BLACK SANTA'S REVENGE - "One Man Delivers Hope...With A Vengeance!" (2007)

I guess it's about time to get the Yuletide log rolling so for tonight's Wild and Wooly Wednesday Saint Nick style feature, I've got "Black Santa's Revenge" for you!

I'm not trying to be funny when I say one of the best things about "Black Santa's Revenge" is that it's only 20 minutes long! It was refreshing to watch the work of somebody who gets it! Just like in the comedy shorts of yesteryear by Laurel and Hardy, or The Three Stooges, in a 20 minute movie, there's not a lot of time to waste on frivolous crap, and the filmmakers can focus on substance and style instead of filler! I admit I have a short attention span, so this format works for me!

Santa's tired, and his apartment sets the mood! I do think it would be funnier, and more interesting if they just called it "Santa's Revenge," and that you didn't know Santa was black until you saw it!  Why does it matter that Santa is black anyway? Who can prove it's not true?

Ken Foree is Santa! Ken turned a young 70 this year, and is still kicking ass, and not taking names!

Ken Foree has been all over your TV since 1977, and has been in such memorable movies as "Dawn Of The Dead," and "The Wanderers," just to name a couple!

Santa wasn't really into his gig that much until a crew of cheapass thugs steal all the toys donated to charity!

Santa tries, but the local law enforcement agency is no help at all! No wonder since the detective in this shot is Danny Bruno who is unforgettable as the Eisbiber, better known as the beaver Bud Wurstner in the "Grimm" TV series!

What else can Santa do but head on over to the local strip club? 
Oh, Yeah, this really isn't a film for the kiddies, unless they're used to the colloquialism "motherfucker," boob shots, and guys getting violently blown away, otherwise it's perfectly fine!

And then it starts, one of the A-hole punks walks into the strip bar and Santa is pissed!!

Santa goes one step further than Mike Tyson, and bites this sumbitch's whole ear off!

You'd really think that after all this time, dumbass people would learn a lesson, but........

Santa turns out to be a hero as he well should be, So......
Joy To The World, The Lord Is Come,
Let Heaven And Nature Sing!!


Jeff said...

You can watch it for free on Vimio here, all legal and above board just ask David

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx Jeff. It's always good to find out about free legal links!!

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