Friday, December 21, 2018

THE OUTER LIMITS / Season 1 Episode 12 "The Borderland" - 1963

Here's a little stocking stuffer for a Friday... In this story, scientists are working on a machine that can create new dimensions and possibly contact the afterlife, they convince a wealthy man to finance their experiments with the possibility of contacting his dead son.

It stars Philip (THE INVISIBLE BOY) Abbott, Gladys (THE BLACK CAT) Cooper, Nina (CRY OF THE WEREWOLF) Foch, Barry (THE MAGIC BOX) Jones and Mark (AGENT FOR H.A.R.M.) Richman.

Here are Professor Ian Fraser, his wife Eva and Lincoln Russell, they have gone to the house of the wealthy Dwight Hartley to discuss a deal to fund their effort to reach into the fifth dimension, where, they say it's possible to communicate with his beloved dead son. Luckily, the scientists will receive their funding as requested after Ian shows Mr. Hartley this!..

After Ian accidentally stuck his left hand into the magnetic field during an experiment, it's a right hand after he pulled it out... McWeirdsville!!

Anyway, the scientists get a sweet set up inside a super duper power plant, now there's plenty of electricity to proceed with the show!

Before Ian steps into the dimensional field though, they use a lab rat to test the machine. There are phasing problems that have to be resolved...

And at one point, the poor rat explodes!!.. Not a good omen for Ian.

They finally iron out many of the problems with the machine and it's ready to go. Ian speaks with Hartley about his son before he tries to enter another dimension.

So, awaaay we go!!..... Ian enters the dimension with much discomfort and tries to describe what he's seeing and feeling!

Here's Mrs. Palmer and her helper, they decide to (sub plot) sabotage the experiment and they send things into a tail spin! Ian cannot hear so Eva writes out messages for him.

Here, Ian tells them that he seems to be on an alien planet!

Eva gets into the mix and things get super crazy! She tries to reach for Ian through the field.

As you can plainly see, Ian's having one Hell of a time!!

Eva screams for Lincoln to.. PRESS THE GODDAMN BUTTON!!.. And, he does!

Okay, this one doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense, but, it's lots of fun to watch! Ian gets his left hand back but Mr. Hartley bites the dust... Check back tomorrow when Eegah!! spreads his XMAS cheer!!


Randall Landers said...

Oh, don't forget the guy dropping the box is Alfred Ryder from ST, VttBotS and many other 60's era shows. I love watching him. He's really quite good in everything he does.

KD said...

I watched Mr. Ryder recently on MeTV in the VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA episode, THE PHANTOM of the classic VOYAGE shows and an extremely popular one among die-hard Irwin Allen fans. That and THE CYBORG guest starring Victor Buono were the best of the second season of VOYAGE.

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