Wednesday, December 19, 2018

JINGLE ALL THE WAY - "Could This Be Christmas?" (1996)

 Welcome to the Yuletide Cheer Version of What a Waste of Time and Money Wednesday in The Dungeon!

 "Jingle All The Way" came out in 1996, and  I'm absolutely sure tons of people love it, but all I can think about when I see a film like this is that the estimated 60 million dollars it took to make it could have sure built a whole lot of homeless shelters. It just kind of makes you wonder, with all the good that the people of Hollywood want to do for the world, if they just made ten less pictures like this out of hundreds, that would be 600 million dollars that could actually be put to good use!

 "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....."

".......Everywhere I go!"

Arnold was supposed to purchase a TurboMan doll for his son for X-Mas, but he's been too self absorbed, and now it's come down to the last minute, and the chase is on!!

TurboMan is the most popular toy of the season! I love the cereal box!

Every store he goes too is the same story! The employees usally laugh at him for being such a buffoon!

TurboMan's sidekick Booster sucks, so there are plenty of his doll's available!

One store after another and an ongoing battle with Sinbad who is also trying to find a doll! And it's kind of funny, that it's not really very funny!

 I used to kind of like Arnold's movies, but after his stint as Governor of California......

 ......And going out on his lovely wife with the maid, I lost all respect for the man, when I realized he's only funny, because in real life, he's really a Dummkopf!

The crescendo is a big Christmas parade which adds lots of color!

Just because of all the funny characters, the Christmas parade was my favorite part of the movie!

I think if they had just made a TurboMan superhero movie, it would possibly had a better chance to be a good movie!
Away in a manger, Sleigh bells ring, Tis the season to be jolly, and Jingle all the way!

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Grant said...

I've always liked it in a hit-and-miss way. For one thing, I've always liked the actress Amy Pietz, who plays the stereotyped "perky" parade hostess.

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