Friday, December 14, 2018

BATMAN AND ROBIN / Chapter 2: 'Tunnel Of Terror' - 1949

In this vintage 15 chapter serial, antisocial Professor Hammil's remote control device, which enables the user to take over any motor vehicle within 50 miles (dang!), is stolen by The Wizard, a black-hooded mastermind, and his gang. Batman and Robin (who drive around in a Mercury convertible) must prevent the Wizard from obtaining the diamonds needed as fuel for the device, and, rescue magazine photographer Vicki Vale from periodic perils. And, the Wizard's base can only be reached by a freakin' remote controlled submarine!

It stars Robert (HOUSE OF HORRORS) Lowery as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Johnny (PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE) Duncan as Robin/Dick Grayson, Jane (THE BRUTE MAN) Adams as Vicki Vale and Lyle (AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON) Talbot as Commissioner Gordon.

Here are Dick and Bruce discussing their game plan, now that the Wizard has stolen Professor Hamil's remote control device...

Our heroes head out in their airplane to try and locate the Wizard's secret lair and recover the diamonds they have stolen. After they land and get out of the plane, the Wizard blows it the Hell up with a destruction ray!

So, Batman and Robin climb in the bad guy's plane and hide in the back compartment. Once the plane's in the air, Batman takes the diamonds out of the sleepy head's pocket and replaces it with another package!

Boy, this doesn't look suspicious at all... The crooks, thinking they have the diamonds, enter a secret opening under a huge boulder.

They go down into an underground cavern that houses a remote controlled submarine!

So, the Wizard opens the package and finds Batman's calling card! And, the diamonds he needs is just a pile of sand... His henchmen just cannot figure out how it happened!

I guess their Merc's in the shop because they're using this Ford to get around. Okay, this is a Batmobile?! Boy, how things have changed, love the missing hub cap too!!

The gang of bad guys have a special radio to keep in touch with the Wizard.

Robin drives the Batmobile and catches the freight train the crooks are trying to rob, so, our hero climbs onto a freight car to confront them!

A big fight ensues and Batman enters the tunnel of terror! Willy make it?.. Betty does!!

So, chapter 3 has Robin going on a wild ride, just the way we like it, here, at The Dungeon!! Eegah!! is back tomorrow with another special post, just for you! Oh yeah, and them!!


Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

Really enjoyed this serial. More then the first one. Red Barry was a good one as well.

Grant said...

I just finished seeing most of the RiffTrax version of this. And whether one likes or dislikes this serial, it's a very funny RiffTrax episode.

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