Friday, July 6, 2018

PROM NIGHT / This Year Prom Night Will Be A Scream! - 1980

Today's story's about revenge... For years, high school seniors Kelly Lynch, Jude Cunningham, Wendy Richards and Nick McBride have been hiding the truth of what happened to ten-year-old Robin Hammond the day her broken body was discovered near an abandoned convent. That day, they had taunted Robin, backed her into a corner, frightened her as she stood on a window ledge and watched her to her death! Although it was an accident, the four feared they would be held responsible and vowed to never tell what happened. But guess what?.. That's right, someone else was there that day, watching, and now, that someone is ready to exact murderous revenge on good old prom night!

This one stars Jamie Lee (THE FOG, HALLOWEEN) Curtis and Leslie (DARK INTRUDER, CREEPSHOW) Nielsen and features a big pile of second string actors, filmed in Canada.

Here's how the authorities find young Robin Hammond on the day of her death, she has fallen from a 3rd story window...

Years later, a mysterious caller starts checking in by phone to threaten the four people responsible for Robin death, a time when you could get away with that shit. Nowadays, the FBI can just show up at your door and take you away.

Here's Jamie Lee with teacher and other girls on the tennis court at high school...

Before leaving the court, this high school hottie teases the maintenance guy by showing him her fine ass! Actually, they show this guy doing creepy stuff throughout the movie, just so you think that he's probably the killer, he ain't. Funny, he looks like freakin' Joe Pera!..

Then, on the day of the prom, well, gym class gets a little freaky when Jamie Lee and her pal check out the broken mirror in the dressing room!

It's prom night and disco rules! Man, they took this shit way too seriously, I mean, all the songs are driven by that heavy electronic keyboard and the dancers are doing these crazy over the top, go for broke moves and poses with soulful expressions on their faces as they strut around, including poor Jamie Lee.. And hey, there's even Leslie Nielsen cutting up the disco rug!

I sum it up as just, plain... EMBARRASSING!!

The maniac is out doing in anyone involved in Robin's death. Yeah, and it's too bad if their friends also get caught up in the action!

A classic horror movie shot!

Well anyway, the killer has made it back to the school and is wielding an ax! Proof is in the pudding, because, there's a nicely chopped off head there on the old disco floor!!

The psycho goes after Jamie Lee's beau, Nick, so she jumps in, manages to get the ax loose and tosses it away! Psycho then starts strangling Nick...

It's asses and elbows when Jamie Lee retrieves the ax from under a table and then conks the killer in the head with it!!

It turns out to be Robin's brother, who was also at the convent that day, hidden from the others. So, that's that!! Another one bites the dust... So, we're back tomorrow with more Dungeon Junk 4 U ~

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