Wednesday, July 18, 2018

THE GUMBY SHOW - "The Small Planets" (1960)

Time for a hot Summer Wild and Weird Wednesday and tonight's xtra-spacial host,
 Space Gumby!

So what could be weirder than Gumby in space?
Not much, but creator Art Clokey gave it lots of tries with other Gumby Sci-Fi episodes like "Moon Trip,""Robot Rumpus," and "Space Ball!" 

"The Small Planets" was episode number 54 of "The Gumby Show," that ran off and on from 1956 to 1988 for a total of 234 episodes.

Gumby and Pokey are heading out for another adventure! This time in space.

 Pokey just does not look cool in his space helmet, maybe it's the fact that his whole head is not in it, so it looks more like a crash helmet! I don't know what he's going to do if the atmosphere where they are going is unbreathable!

The space ship lands and Gumby goes out to take a look around!

On the first small planet, they do not get a warm greeting. For some reason, there are lots of bad kids in space like this little a-hole who shoots that rocket at Gumby's spaceship, and puts a hole in it even though they were leaving like he told them too!

 The second small planet besides bratty kids also has dinosaurs as a bonus terror!

 The last small planet is the weirdest!

 There's this piano playing prodigy who is fine until he makes a mistake!

 He's really got quite the temper, and you better watch out when he screws up, because he turns into this vampire thing!

 For good reason, Gumby and Pokey decide to go back where they came from!

I'm so lucky to have a bunch of Gumby VHS tapes, but for you, all you have to do is check out this YouTube link, and you can watch Gumby for free for almost forever, because Gumby is never boring!


Grant said...

People are always wondering whether Sid and Marty Kroft were "on something" when they made things like H. R. PUFINSTUF, because of how bizarre they look. It's kind of tempting to wonder the same thing about Art Clokey and the Gumby cartoons.

EEGAH!! said...

Or maybe they were high on a shoe shine and a clean shave, you just never know Grant!

Lacey said...

Why do the first two kids look like Davie and his sister from the old Davie & Goliath children's show?

diego78 said...

Wow! My kids will like it. Cartoon series now days have a lot of different content but the good part is they get to learn a lot. For instance, the shows by Andy Yeatman on Netflix have a good entertainment and literacy value. It teaches good things to the kids while they enjoy watching it.

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