Friday, July 20, 2018

TALES OF TOMORROW: Ice From Space / Season 1 Episode 43 - 1952

It's Friday, so, time for a Tale Of Tomorrow, it goes something like this... During a Congressional appropriations investigation, an Air Force rocket is lost in space but soon returns to Earth with an unexpected cargo, a block of ice with weird chemical properties! The base commander is forced to deal not only with a bullheaded Congressman, but also the fact that the ice seems to be able to freeze everything around it...

This episode stars Edmon (THE HUMAN MONSTER) Ryan as Major Dozier, Raymond (Milburn Drysdale!) Bailey as Congressman Burns, Michael (DEAD TO THE WORLD) Gorrin as Dr. Meshkoff and Paul (COOL HAND LUKE) Newman as Sgt. Wilson!

The Air Force has sent a missile into space, it's supposed to come right back down but it disappears instead! Of course, Congressman Burns is there watching the launch with the head of the compound, Major Dozier.

The Major has no explanation for the occurrence so the Congressman complains that if the Major's father was in charge, well, you know, crap like this would not have happened in the first place!.. What a jerk!!

Why are there bars on the windows?!

To kill some time, the Major shows Burns some mice they plan on putting into space, they call them The Flying Mice Brothers, seriously.. Good old 1952!

The Major and Dr. Meshkoff get the word that the missile has come down and they're bringing something back to the compound with them.

Hmmm... Wonder what these guys are looking at so curiously? There on the right is a young freakin' Paul Newman as Sgt. Wilson.

So, here's what they brought back, a big block of Ice... From Space!! Really, a block?! Anyway, Sgt, Wilson gets to guard the damn thing.

The ice has started going through a new cycle and is turning the countryside cold, nerves are frayed when the Congressman is quarantined to the compound. And, he's still blaming the Major for all the problems!

If you look closely, you can see that the interior of the ice is changing brightness now, triggering the cold radiation...

Then, a rocket is heard taking off!.. What the Hell?!!

Well, it looks like the Major solved the problem, he took the ice back into space by himself, a mission from which he'll never return! We're back tomorrow with even more Dungeon Cargo!

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