Friday, July 13, 2018

THE THREE STOOGES In Color: Disorder In The Court - 1936

Since Friday the 13th is one of our favorite days, I thought I'd feature our favorite guys, The Three Stooges! Today, the Stooges are witnesses at a trial where their friend, a dancer at a nightclub where they work as musicians, is accused of murder. The Boys manage to disrupt the proceedings but save the day when they discover the real murderer's identity with the help of a little green parrot...

Gail Tempest is on trial for the murder of Cock Robin, the prosecutor gets personal and the defense attorney calls him out for badgering the defendant...

And that, he's also insulting the intelligence of the fine people of the jury!

When it's time for the boys to testify, well, they seem to have gone to lunch! But when they're located, they're found in the damn hallway rollin' dice!

Curly uses the old machine-gun routine on the defense attorney!

So, the boys reenact what was going down at the nightclub the night of the murder...

The judge just cannot believe he has to put up with this young lady shaking her ta-tas.

The clerk's toupee gets mistaken for a varmit by Larry and he screams... A TARANTULA!! This is probably my very favorite Stooge moment!

When the bailiff comes up to see what going on, Moe grabs his gun and shoots the toupee!

They finally finish the dance number. All the guys in the jury are gawking away, and the women are insulted!

Moe uses Curly to show some of the mayhem they witnessed that night at the club!

The defense attorney wants Curly to try and pull the trigger on the murder weapon, stating that it would take the strength of a mule to pull it, thus proving the innocence of Gail Tempest!

Moe has a big gob of Curly's gum stuck on his nose, so, Larry volunteers to help out!

After the gum is removed, Larry beats his chest and yells like Tarzan, bringing the courtroom to a complete frenzy.

It's found out that there's a note tied to the parrot's leg naming the real killer. The bird gets away so Curly chases it with a big freakin' hammer!

Then, Curly uses the fire hose to bring the bird down, it all backfires of course!

Moe and Larry get a hold of the parrot, the name of the real murderer is announced, and...

The boys pose for a picture for the newspaper!.. They're heroes!!

Only problem is that the knot Curly tied in the hose is about to cause a big surprise ending!!.. Hey, tune in tomorrow for a wild 'n' weird post from Eegah!!

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SCB said...

Hands down, my favorite Stooges short! 🕷

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