Friday, July 27, 2018


Today we take a look at the movies of Sheila Noonan, aka Sheila Carol, one of my favorite horror gals. There is literally no info on this fun girl, her IMDb bio only gives her birth name, Sheila Nichols, and that she's known for three movies! All I can figure out is that she was married I guess in 1959 to someone either with the last name of Noonan or Carol. Then, after her last movie in 1960, looks like she disappeared from the face of the Earth! What the Hell!!..

Her first role was on TV's GUNSMOKE in 1957, then, she appeared in four movies, three for Roger Corman and one for Jerry Warren.

First up is A BUCKET OF BLOOD from 1959, Sheila plays a patron of the very hip, Yellow Door Club, where Walter Paisley is a lowly waiter turned murdering artistic genius! Eegah!! and I saw this one when it came out, hilarious. We were just 11 years old at the time, maybe a clue as to what's wrong with us!

Next is BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE, this time Sheila plays the moody bad girl, Gypsy Boulet, in the very bizarre tale of a cave creature that stalks some burglars. She even sings 'Home On The Range' while taking a bubble bath, great stuff for kids!

Again in 1959, Sheila stars as Lauri Talbott, in the Jerry Warren wonder, THE INCREDIBLE PETRIFIED WORLD. Sheila got to hang out with John Carradine, Robert Clarke and Phyllis Coates in this dingy tale that includes the weirdest looking, bug-eyed 'cave man' ever filmed!!

Sheila's last flick is SKI TROOP ATTACK in 1960. In this one she plays the cold as ice German, Frau Karl Heinsdorf. All I want to know is, what ever happened to Sheila!!

Check in tomorrow for more as we wind down good old (hot) July, here, at The Dungeon!..

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