Friday, September 8, 2017

LIGHTS OUT: The Devil In Glencairn / NBC - 1951

Here's an episode of LIGHTS OUT from 1951 starring... Richard (THE MAGNETIC MONSTER) Carlson, Halliwell (THE UNDYING MONSTER) Hobbes, Tom (THE OLD DARK HOUSE) Poston, Jonathan (LOST IN SPACE) Harris and J. Pat (THE ADVENTURES OF SPIN AND MARTY) O'Malley.

The story's about Steenie, the best bagpiper in all of Scotland, and, he's about to be evicted if he doesn't pay his rent. After selling his pipes to raise the money, a mysterious stranger (the Devil) appears with a deal for Steenie, it involves money, bagpipes and his immortal soul!

WHOA THERE!!.. Back off, Jack!

Oh yeah, this is our creepy narrator, Frank Gallop. He will go on to host the TV series, GREAT GHOST STORIES, in 1961...

Steenie (Richard Carlson) goes to the pub to tell his story to his gal pal, Tibbie. He tells her that it all started a year ago...

In a flashback, he explains how he was forced to sell his bagpipe in order to pay his rent.

Ahhhh, the sweet smell of a bagpipe early in the morning... Mmmmm!


In the meantime, Steenie meets with Sir John (Tom Posten), to whom he owes the rent. He doesn't give a crap about the difficulty Steenie's having coming up with the rent... What, me worry? I'm as rich as a bitch!!

Then, the Stranger (Jonathan Harris) enters the scene. He has a deal for Stennie that he cannot resist, an easy way out of his mess...

He must go to the land of the dead and get a bag of silver and a receipt signed by Sir Robert (Sir John's deceased dad) as proof of his payment.

Sir John is baffled, he gives the bag of silver back to Steenie in exchange for the reciept, which he burns in a fire. He tells Steenie to never mention this incident ever again!

Then, back to the future at the pub, the clock strikes midnight and the Stranger appears.

He tells Steenie that's is time to go, he signed a contract and it's time to make a payment!

Steenie tells him to go to Hell, he did everything he was asked and will not go with him. So, the Stranger brings in Death to take care of business with his long blade, but, Tibbie tells Steenie to play The Lord's Hymm on the bagpipe, which he does! Guess what?! Yeah, the Stranger and Death can't take it and go... KA-POOF!!

Steenie keeps the goodness coming, a great way to celebrate a happy ending!! Eegah!! will pop in tomorrow with something we'll love, no doubt!


Grant said...

It's strange to see Richard Carlson of all people in a "period" story, and even stranger to see him in period clothing. But thanks to THE MAZE, it's fitting that it's set in Scotland.

TABONGA! said...

Yeah, and all the characters speak with a Scottish dialect, making it really weird -

EEGAH!! said...

Even stranger I think, is to see Tom Posten in a non-comedic role!

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