Friday, September 15, 2017

WILD RIDERS / Crown International Pictures - 1971

It's Friday and time for this wild bikers flick, the story goes something like this... Sex and ingenious violence abounds in this exploitation psycho-drama about two soul-less, brutal bikers who burst into a mansion occupied by two luscious young women! The girls are immediately and painfully violated until one of their husbands, a cellist, comes home.

This thing stars the still active Alex (BLOOD MANIA) Rocco as Stick, Arell (HOUSE OF TERROR) Blanton as Pete, Elizabeth (BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR) Knowles as Rona and Sherry (THE HARD RIDE) Bain as Laurie.

So, after gang raping women, Pete and his pal decide to get up off their asses and move on down the line. They head off to their new destination.

Hey now!.. That's one fine looking record player!!

Anyway, Pete and his bud stop along the way to get some water, Pete sees something he likes and tries to put the make on this busty married chick. She shines him on...

Then, Pete pilots his bike into the back yard and brings out his bestest pal, Stick!.. Yeah, STICK! A real dense Pig-Pen type! They end up moving in with the married women, Rona and Laurie, after Rona gives in to Pete's charms. Both husbands are out of town.

If Stick's not pulling up his pants on the john, we see him pulling down Lauries's shorts!!

Although Pete and Rona are now lovers, he likes to beat the crap out of her to keep her in line.

Rona's hubby, a song writer, shows up and finds Pete in the house! He takes him outside and nearly chokes him to death. Stick sees what happening and goes and chokes out Rona's husband... To Death!!

Then, Laurie's husband drops in after his musical tour, he plays the cello. Pete and Stick have the gang under control and Pete starts messing with the small musician.

Pete tells him to play a song on the cello before he kills him, so, play he does!! Hey, that bow has a very sharp looking point on it...

The music seems to put Pete into an unguarded moment, and, our brave little musician jabs the bow into Pete's freakin' eyeball!!! The bitch gets his karma payback, so satisfying... That top still is a very clever shot from Pete's view!

Stick gets hit over the head with the cello, then, gets the point of the stand stuck way into his gut by our hero, he falls into the pool and dies, bringing our tale to a weird ending!.. They got what they deserved!

We're back tomorrow with more Dungeon Cargo, just for you!


Grant said...

I've never seen this, but I've always been very fond of Alex Rocco. Yesterday I saw STANLEY with Chris Robinson and him again, and it's very underrated. Have you ever reviewed it?

TABONGA! said...

Grant, I don't think we've done STANLEY yet, but, Ill add it to my list...,

TABONGA! said...

Grant, I looked, we did it in 2011 - Use our search on the right and go to the 3rd or 4th page of older posts, it's there...

Grant said...

Thank you. (Maybe I saw it at the time and managed to forget.)

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