Monday, September 4, 2017


Here we go with the next pile of Movies Tabonga! Loves to Watch Again! These flicks are near and dear to my heart and hope you love them too...

Wow, I always enjoy CAPE CANAVERAL MONSTERS, it has a certain charm that newer movies can't match for me. We see Hauron and Nadja there, planning their next unearthly plot. Love this crazy little low-budget sci-fi thriller to pieces!

If Tabonga! didn't love to watch FROM HELL IT CAME again, well, there would definitely be something wrong with Tabonga!, if you get my drift!..

I saw FRANKENSTEIN 1970 in 1958 with my neighbors, we walked to the theater back then, it was like a 5 mile round trip, no prob. Anyway, I especially love that big old, mean monster!

A BUCKET OF BLOOD is one of Roger Corman's very best movies. My favorite thing about it is, and there's plenty to choose from, the fact that the club owner, Leonard, has discovered that Walter is using his murdered victims for his sculptures! But, rather than turn him in to the police, Leonard pretends he's clueless because he's making a lot of money from commissions by selling the pieces at the club! It is so freakin' funny watching the expression on Leonard's face when Walter shows him a new piece!! Too much fun...

ATOM AGE VAMPIRE is probably a movie that we don't think about that much, but, it's my favorite Euro 'needs radical disfigured facial surgery' flick there were so many of around that time. The scenes where Professor Levin gets into his domed atomic chamber and changes into the monster, alone, is worth the price of admission!

There is no way you can't love to watch THE HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND again, because, there's just nothing quite like it. I mean, the scantily clad gals, the dead guy, the spider, Gary, Gary as the monster, nude swimmers, the wild sexy party and music, etc, etc!

THE ANGRY RED PLANET was one of the first movies Eegah!! and I saw together at the theater. We loved it, lots of insane action and Martian creatures. Check out that photo on the lobby card... Man, something's very wrong there!!!

THE TIME MACHINE is another one that Eegah!! and I saw together. Damn, it was so freakin' interesting, Rod Taylor was just perfect for the part of our brave time traveler. And, don't forget those extra creepy Morlocks!!

THE SLIME PEOPLE is a horribly weird movie I love to watch again! I mean, like wow, it's totally insane, most of the time it makes no sense and the way the Professor destroys the fog machine at the end makes my gear slip a cog!! Here's another lobby card alert... Check it out, this shot of Bonnie and a Slime Person was taken specifically for a card, it does not appear in the movie! A couple of clues are, where's the fog?, and look at her blouse, it's undone and she's not wearing a bra!! An artist must pay attention to details!

Last on the list is ENEMY FROM SPACE, I was lucky to get to see this thing in 1957. Besides FORBIDDEN PLANET, this is second favorite flick from the fifties! Hope you enjoyed the trip, trip in again on Wednesday when Eegah!! brings on more Dungeon Cargo...


zillagord said...

Some real gems in here! About to cue up Slime People!

TABONGA! said...

Hey Z! - I just watched the MST version 2 days ago... Thanks for checking in -

Anonymous said...

LOVE these movies, especially CAPE CANAVERAL MONSTERS! Katherine Victor loved it, too. After all, it was a big step-up from working for Jerry Warren! LOL!

The only ones of these that I haven't seen in *decades* are FRANKENSTEIN 1970, and ENEMY FROM SPACE. Gotta remedy that someday...

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