Wednesday, September 6, 2017

ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS - Season 01, Episode 09 - "The Long Shot" (1955)

It's time for more merry mayhem from the master of suspense,
Mr. Alfred Hitchcock! When things get bad, you've always got Alfred to turn to, and I seem to do it a lot!

Isn't everything in life pretty much a gamble? That's what makes it interesting, taking chances!

But as Alfred will tell you, one solid bet that you cannot go wrong on is using the products that sponsor his show!

It's his last quarter, and he wins big! The slot machine kicks out real fruit! (It was common on olde slot machines for the symbols to be fruit!)

I was going to try and cut back on my drinking, but out of the blue for some reason, I just got this overwhelming urge to pop open a cold brew! No willpower at all!

Original Ratpacker Peter Lawford is big-time loser Charlie Raymond! Can you believe Peter only lived to be 61? It would have been his birthday tomorrow! 

Charlie was so far in debt, he made one large bet on a horse race, so now, he's in super deep shit, because of course his horse didn't win! 40 grand was a lot of money back in 1955.

Underneath that beer mug, Charlie has at least discovered a way to get out of town!

John Williams is Walker Hendricks/English Jim! Besides being in 10 episodes of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," John Williams also was the chief Inspector in Hitchcock's "Dial M For Murder." He also had the role of Shakespeare in "The Twilight Zone" episode titled "The Bard!"

If he lives long enough, Walker Hendricks is about to become a very wealthy man!
Unfortunately, Charlie has now found that out too!

Gertrude Hoffman started her career in Germany in 1917! She was in "The Ape," and had a small part in "War Of Worlds!" She worked all through the 30's and the 40's in mostly uncredited roles before scoring a gig as Mrs. Odetts for 36 episodes of "My Little Margie" from 1952 to 1955!
Gertrude moved on in 1968 at the age of 96!

"Long Shots are for Chumps!"


Grant said...

It's always a little strange to see Peter Lawford play a hard luck character, because of that jet-setter, "Rat Pack" image of his.
He played a different sort of hard luck character in an ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR episode called "The Crimson Witness."

EEGAH!! said...

Hey Grant! I've only got like 361 Hitchcock TV shows to try and catch up on, thanx for the hint, I'll move that towards the top of the list!

Grant said...

I don't know if it's one of the great episodes, but it's a clever one, and some of the other actors would surprise you.

EEGAH!! said...

I've always liked Peter Lawford since I was a little kid, because I really dug "The Thin Man," so I'm sure I'll like it Grant, which reminds me, I need to find some "Thin Man" episodes!

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