Wednesday, September 27, 2017

DÔBUTSU SENTAI JÛÔJÂ - "The Most Dangerous Game" (2016)

It's time once again for WTF!? Wednesday, and I've got a good one for you tonight!

I don't venture off into this decade too often, but when it's dropped in your lap and it's this weird, what's a guy supposed to do? That's right, make lemonade!
This Japanese TV series called "Dôbutsu Sentai Jûôjâ" came out in 2016, and this was Season one, Episode number 10 titled "Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger" or "The Most Dangerous Game," and it should not be confused with the classic 1932 movie with the same name, or any of the many TV shows that have used the title over the years!

It's Super Hero Time! That's pretty much all you need to know!

This group of kids is pretty special! They can be normal people, or Power Ranger types, but they also each have special animal skills, you know, kind of like Spiderman, but different! One has shark powers, one has tiger powers, one has eagle powers, one has lion powers, and one has elephant powers!

This looks like a cool abstract painting!

This is Ginis, the leader of the Deathgalien! He's a real dick!
In fact, in grade school, the other kids called him Ginis the Penis! That's part of the reason he's so mad!

Ginis puts a deathray dome over the city! It's shrinking fast, and if it touches you, you're toast!

The kids look for the off switch for two months, and finally find it on a tower!

Yay! They find and destroy the switch, and the death barrier is removed!

And for doing that, Ginis rewards them with this robot thing called The Gift!
The Gift is so powerful it destroyed 10 planets the day it was created!

The Gift had been out of circulation because he was SO destructive that even Ginis didn't think it was fair, so he took him offline!

Their individual strengths were just not enough, so they cube into one giant ass-kicking robot!

Let's Rock!

Giant Vise-Grips vs The Gift's drill and circular saw, who will be the victor?

What!? ? ? ?
For some reason this was a two-part episode! Why it couldn't just be continued to the next episode is just as mysterious as to why it even exists!

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