Friday, February 3, 2017

THE RUNNING MAN / Braveworld Productions, HBO - 1987

Here's a movie with a scary, uncanny prediction of the future, check it out!!.. In the year 2017, the great freedoms of the United States no longer exist, the nation has sealed off its borders and become a militarized police state (Focks News doctrine!), censoring film, art, literature and communications! With full control over the media (Bannon!!), the government attempts to quell the nation's yearning for freedom by broadcasting game shows on which convicted criminals fight for their lives. The most popular and sadistic of these programs is THE RUNNING MAN, hosted by Damon Killian. When a peaceful protest of starving citizens gather in Bakersfield, California, a police officer, Ben Richards, is ordered to fire on the crowd, which he refuses to do. The attack is carried out and Richards is framed for the murder of almost a hundred unarmed civilians!.. Wow, can't wait for that!!

It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Dawson, Jesse Ventura, Jim Brown and others. I have to admit, I've never sat through the whole movie.

Richard Dawson plays Killian, host of The Running Man, he enjoys sending 'criminals' out to fight for their lives while him and the studio audience watch the ordeal on TV.

Anyway, Ben Richards is up next... Since he was framed for the murders, he now has to become... The Freakin' Running Man!!


Killian narrates the action for this this crowd of brainwashed friends.

Ben, now with Amber, do all they can to avoid the men chasing them. Watch out for all those damn hidden cameras!!

Here's a cool shot of a crowd watching as Buzzsaw makes his entrance!

Buzzsaw is big, burly, and, carries his trusted full throttle chainsaw and lets it doing his talking for him! Be careful, Ben!!

Killian is snarky as Hell, he has the 'law' on his side, so, he can legally come up with twisted shit and can get any evil order carried out... Sweeeeet.

Looks like Killian has Amber in a compromising position. You know, when you're rich and 'famous', you can just touch their stuff whenever you like!!

Jesse is one of my faves, here he is as Captain Freedom. He goes round and round with Ben and uses some big-time wrasslin' moves like the good old eye and nose gouge!!

Eventually, Killian get his just desserts, a big old Boston Creme Pie in the face!!!.. Check in again tomorrow when we'll have something special for you, here at... The Dungeon!!

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