Friday, February 10, 2017

WILLIE WHOPPER in 'Stratos-Fear' / Celebrity Productions - 1933

It's time for a cartoon!.. Here's a fun little story about Willie Whopper, he goes to the dentist to have a tooth pulled and when he's given some gas, he floats off into space and ends up in another world where he battles several cool looking bad guys!

So, Willie's at the weirdo dentist's office to get a tooth pulled, when he gets some gas and the dentist is picking out his tools, well, Willie fills up with gas, crashes through the roof and heads into space!!

He just keeps on floating away from Earth and who knows where he'll end up?!..

Meanwhile, on a distant planet, these strange creatures are experimenting on animals...

Like this pig they turn into footballs and meat parts!

Then, the guy with the built-in telescope in his head spots something flying through space! The other monsters join in to catch a look at the strange object.

A meteor hits Willie in the gut and knocks the gas out of him! He then falls toward the planet!

Willie then gets to meet the head monster, and, he doesn't like what he sees!

When Willie tries to escape out a window, well, it's just a poster and bonks his head but good!

Then, here are these Wolvertonesque Goons that multiply right before your eyes. I love all the oddball creatures, I think they're the best part of the cartoon.

These two things are part of a band, again, great character designs!

This horn playing critter likes to blow bubbles (SpongeBob and Patrick) after having water shot into his horn by that rubber hose snake!

What's going on here! Why's there a sultry woman trying to put the make on our little hero?!

Actually, it's a diversion to get Willie to stop running away, but...

Now the head monster has Willie just where he wants him!.. Time to experiment!!!

Of course, Willie finally wakes up from his sleep and the dentist has his bad tooth pulled... Whatta Whopper! So, see's you all tomorrow with more Dungeon Cargo!!

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