Monday, February 13, 2017

BIOHAZARD / Viking Films, Fred Olen Ray - 1985

Okay, here we go with another Fred Olen Ray monster abomination... The story line is simple, probably as simple as writing it down on a napkin at Denny's in North Hollywood. It goes like this... An alien monster uses a psychic to try to take over the Earth!

But, this damn thing stars two Dungeon Faves, Angelique (MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND) Pettyjohn and Aldo (THE POWER) Ray. And, get this... The monster is played by Fred's 5 year old son, Christopher!!

The best way to make it seem like there's a biohazard emergency is to get a biohazard suit and geiger counter, then walk around in the hills outside LA, that's it!

Government officials and a General watch as beautiful psychic Lisa Martyn gets in touch with an alien being... From another mundo yet! Don't look too closely at what a piece of crap Lisa's helmet is!!

The Professor at the facility tries to program the keyboard in the key of C- during a break!

Wow, Aldo is freakin' drunk on his ass as he tries to delivery his silly lines, sad!

Here you go, the first victim of the creature's little razor sharp claw!

Lisa is attracted to Mitchell Carter, played by William (DEEP SPACE) Fair, I simply can't show you what happens after the kiss, but, hubba, hubba, hubba!! After that, they become a team to hunt down the alien. If you can't tell, that's a wig on Lisa.

Here's this dude working away, doing, well... something! He gets it of course. Those boxes in the background caught my eye, I'm pretty damn sure those boxes are full of Fred's DVDs from his movies since Eegah!! and I have some of those from our movie, THE CREEP!!

This nice looking shot reminds me of a park scene from our unfinished masterpiece, VIRUS MAN!.. Hey Yo, Greg!! Oh yeah, those bums get deaded...

Then, this shot reminds me of our great little movie, SILVER ANGEL vs THE DEATH ZOMBIES because it starts with a dumpster at night. Love night shots!

They would be remiss to not include egg laying parasites!.. Right?! 1985, Baby!!


Then, Fred pulls the switch and electrocutes his own son! Well, you gots'ta do whatever it takes to get this freakin' thing in the can!!

I'll end with a little homage to our Dungeon Gal Pal, Angelique Pettyjohn, she gets the last word. Tune in again on Wednesday when we continue down the old musty monster trail...

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EEGAH!! said...

At least they had a cool title card!

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