Friday, February 24, 2017

LA MUJER y LA BESTIA / Brooks y Enríquez - 1959

Here's a lesser known black and white Mexican horror flick called THE WOMAN AND THE BEAST, I cannot find a review in English, but, I think I gots it all figured out...

The story centers around a train station in the city. A woman known as La Vicky shows up one evening at the bar there, she's very beautiful and a little mysterious...

Well, she makes friends with our hero and moves in with him. But, she spends much of her time just being weird when no one's around!

The other part of the story is nurse Laura Moreno, she works in the hospital and takes care of the sick, like this little girl with a strange illness.

Then, the nurse finds herself with blood on her hands... What the Hell's going on?!!

Well, it turns out that Laura Moreno and La Vicky are the same person!! That's right, she has escaped from a mental hospital and has a freakin' split personality!..

Time for a little break so we can check out this great looking classic 1954 Mercury!

I also dig this pic of a train yard worker hopping over a wall on his way to work.

He's a target of the crazy lady from the mental hospital, he lucks out when La Vicky's shrink shows up and stops her from yet another murder!

The locals get all up in arms and set out to capture her before she kills again!

La Vicky is disoriented as she runs toward the oncoming train...

And, it's another sad ending, she had to die! Be back tomorrow when Eegah!! will have something pretty special for us, here at the DUNGEON!!

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Grant said...

This is one Mexican horror film from what I guess would be called the "Golden Age" of them that's escaped me so far.
I first got familiar with a lot of them from local Spanish TV (which is one kind of TV where you don't resent the commercial breaks, because most Spanish TV is like one long beauty pageant, not least of all the commercials). What people always say about ' 50s and early ' 60s Mexican horror films is true, that they're loaded with "atmosphere."

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