Saturday, February 4, 2017

CHOPPING MALL - Julie Corman - "Killbots" (1986)

So "GILA!" kind of got me interested in newer movies again, and especially ones that were the work of people like William Dever, Jim Wynorski, and Kelli Maroney, so I checked my Netflix and my Prime accounts, and the results were vaguely interesting! A Netflix search produced NO titles for any of those three people, and Amazon had considerably more to choose from, since compared to zero, 8 is a lot! So I chose to watch "Chopping Mall" which is another film directed by Jim Wynorski and starring Kelli Maroney! Honestly, I thought it was a slasher movie set in a mall, but it's actually about computerized security robot droids gone haywire, and it's not really a very good movie compared to "GILA!" but it did get me thinking about little droids and their place in cinematic history! 

As far as I can figure, GOG was the first one of these critters to start acting up in 1954!

In 1963, it was the Daleks that starting giving Dr. Who a headache!

In 1972, Bruce Dern had his little buddies Huey, Dewey, and Louie in "Silent Running!"

And then there was "Chopping Mall" in 1986 and all Hell broke loose again!

Then in 1987, came along a little film titled "Star Wars" that included Mr. R2-D2 in it's main cast, and the droid was entrenched in film history forever!

Although not a great movie, "Chopping Mall" does have some merit!

And it's over before it ever gets started!

 Then it starts all over as a comedy with a bevy of unbeatable Dungeon talent like Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov who among other things were both in "Death Race 2000" and "Eating Raoul!"

 The great Mel (ATTACK OF THE GIANT CRAB MONSTERS, The UNDEAD, ROCK ALL NIGHT) Welles as the cook with the cigarette dangling out of his mouth!

And our number one fave Dick (BUCKET OF BLOOD) Miller as the surly janitor!
Here's the deal! You put those four people in a movie even in small parts, I'm in, and nothing else matters! It's just that simple!

Then the droids go berserk and start killing off all the innocent teenagers and it ain't so funny no more!

 Armed with rifles and guns from the sporting goods store, the kids finally get one!

Then they get another one!!

 The four leading ladies are Kelli (GILA!) Maroney.....

 Karrie (EVILS OF THE NIGHT) Emerson....

 Barbara (RE-ANIMATOR) Crampton.......

.....And Suzee (I think she pissed off either the Director or the Producer) Slater!

An alternative and much more accurate title for "Chopping Mall" was "Killbots" as seen on this Dutch poster! The Producer of "Chopping Mall" is Roger Corman's wife Julie, who has got a list of titles under her belt that challenge her husband's productions in the 'B' movie department! Coming in 2017 from Julie and Roger together, "Death Race 2050!"


Dr. Theda said...

An enjoyable post, Guys...!!
and Hello from Marshville...

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx Doc! Always good to hear from you! Cheerz from a dead end alley!

Whale Fodder said...

Nice post as always. By the way, the poster is Dutch not German.

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx WF! I was just testing to see if anybody was paying attention! You win the prize! I'll go fix it now!!

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