Friday, February 17, 2017

WILLIE WHOPPER in 'Hell's Fire' / A Famous Fairytale Cartoon - 1934

It's time for another Willie Whopper cartoon, in color! In this story, flames grab and take Willie and his dog down a volcano into the bowels of Hell! There, he meets many historical figures and fictional characters, including Napoleon, Nero, Rasputin, Cleopatra, Simon Legree, Dr. Jekyll and others. One denizen among the damned souls (a personification of Prohibition!) tries to escape. Willie, determined to help the Devil keep the guy where he belongs, gives chase. Then, he and the would-be escapee are racing through the hottest place in Hell, the boiler room!! HELL'S FIRE is an alternate title.

Willie and his little pal make their way to the top of a volcano and are thrilled at their accomplishment, until...

Hands of fire reach up, grab them and pull them down, down, down!

Now in Hell, Willie watches as the special guests make their entrance, including sexy Cleopatra and slimy Simon Legree!

Everyone seems to be having a great time hanging out with the Devil, I mean, it looks pretty fun, with cool looking characters and all.

The Drunk is confronted by the Hell Hound, so, he takes off running.

And, the Devil yells... "Stop him!"

The Drunk is slowed down for a moment by getting an electrified drill in the ass!!

Willie and his pooch chase the tipsy runner to the boiler room where one of the Devil's workers is stoking the giant furnace!

The furnace temperature goes all the way to 'WOW!' and things are getting ready to blow!

And, within a few seconds, the furnace does exactly that, it blows sky high!

Like I said, Willie, his dog and the Drunk are blown high into the air! Now what?!..

They all fall into an eagle's nest! Then, the eagle drops the Drunk dude back into the volcano where he belongs, I guess. Anyway, Eegah!! is back tomorrow with something special for us!!

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