Saturday, February 11, 2017

DIE TOTE AUS DER THEMSE - "Angels Of Terror" - "The Dead One In The Thames River" Edgar Wallace (1971)

Tonight's Saturday Night Special is a good one! Whether you want to call it "Die Tote Der Themse," "Angels Of Terror," or "The Dead One In The Thames River," it doesn't matter, because the end result is the same no matter what, this movie is pure 1971.

The story is based loosely on a book titled "The Angel Of Terror" by Edgar Wallace!
The music in "Die Tote Aus Der Themse" is by the always brilliant Peter Thomas, and here's just a couple of minutes to prove my point!

I pulled up this shot from much later in the film and flipped it so you could see where they got the design for the title card lettering from!

Drug deal gone wrong, drug informant misfire, dead girl or maybe not, it's an Edgar Wallace tale, anything goes!

For some reason, the gal that just got shot lives in an apartment building that doubles as a house of ill repute, so when there's a shot or two, all the girls quit their business to come and take a look since the door is wide open!

Another woman who looks just like the other woman suddenly appears, and we find out that it's her sister who has just had her round trip airfare paid by her sister who just supposedly got shot! I say supposedly, because after the gawkers all went back to work, the body suddenly disappeared!
This is Uschi Glas, who has had a remarkable career in our kinda movies like "The Sinister Monk," "The College Girl Murders," and "Gorilla Gang," and is in part three, as well as parts one and two, of an ongoing series called "Suck Me Shakspeer" in pre-production this year!

This movie gives shooting heroin new meaning!

Never take for granted how lucky you are to be alive! Werner Peters died at the age of 52 a month or so after this movie was made! The meat slaughter house scenes will be pretty repulsive if you're a vegan. You might want to keep your remote control handy with your finger on fast forward!

"Die Tote Aus Der Themse" is a movie about patterns, lots of crazy patterns!
It makes it fun to watch!!

I never thought about it before, but I guess in Europe they don't abide by the no 13th floor rule!

Once again, it's Siegfried Schürenberg as Sir John who is probably going to have to save the day! Pervy Sir John is so happy in this shot because he is reviewing some slides of photos taken by the photographer who took a picture of the dead body, and has found some nice nudie cutie pix!

Then Sir John finds a very unattractive picture of himself that the photographer took of him, and he orders the film to be destroyed!!

One thing about whoever is picking off all these people, they are a crack shot! They all get shot in the head, and one time, the victim's companion after seeing the bullet hole in the head says "call an ambulance!"

Now that is a hot phone!

I lost count how many times this happens, four or five I think!

Pretty wild looking living room! I don't approve of the bear skin rug, but the skulls in the cabinet are pretty cool!

I got lucky and got this great composite shot of Siegfried and Werner in a final confrontation scene between two olde golfing buddies! That's one of the things I like about these movies, the clowning around is always offset by some serious shit!

But what, that still didn't stop the shooting rampage?

 "I can tell by the way she is dressed that you two are obviously guilty, and I'm arresting you for heroin smuggling and murder!

I liked this crazy movie, and I think I just might read the book myself to see how different it must surely be! Can't hardly lose for a five-spot!

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