Friday, March 25, 2016

THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME / CFI Investments, SOTTC Film Productions Ltd. - 1979

Here's a fairly forgotten flick, stars Jack Palance, Carol Lynley, Barry Morse and John Ireland. Good cast, but, suffers from being produced in that copycat crap time.

I was lucky, I don't have to try and explain the storyline to you. Thank you, lord!

I have a sound clip for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our atomic trash compactor, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's... THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME!

Here's the gang working away on the Moon base, very artistic junk...

Jack play bad guy, Omus, he has an army of death robots to back him up against the Moonies.

Here's a different group of good guys, on Earth I guess. Their job is to...

Fight off the mean old robots in a dark cavern somewhere.

Some of the Moonies go to Earth to see what they can see... And, maybe help somehow.

Well, there are some weird looking fungus things and really ugly little kids on Earth now!

Dude shifts into 4th gear to get the F outta der!..

Take that, you dirty old damn robot piece o' shit!

Omus shows up as a giant rotating head, giving orders, much like John Carradine as Dr. Frankenstein did in the Jerry Warren monstrosity, FRANKENSTEIN ISLAND.

Omus puts on his protective plastic helmet, then cranks up the sonic sound device. But, why?

Well, so that he can turn Barry's brain into mush, what else? Bibbida, Bibbida...

The death robots turn on Omus and give him a double dose of the old nut cracker!!

Omus and his empire are about to eat a ton of dust... Hooray for the good guys!

The Earth explodes and the Moonies head off into the void of space, see you later... Probably not!.. Eegah!! has something fun for tomorrow, be there or be attacked by a death robot!


Lacey said...

Saw this on a military base on Christmas Eve back in 1979.
Movies were cheap on the base, usually only 50 cents at this time.
This was the only movie I saw on base that was not worth the price.

Years later I saw it at a video store for $ 29.95. This was at a time when the average GOOD film was only $16.00. Could not believe they really thought people would pay that much.

Thanks for the reminder.

EEGAH!! said...

Good economic memories Lacey! I remember playing pinball and drinking beer in the PX on X-mas Eve, which was probably a better deal!

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