Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ANYAB - "Fangs" (1981)

Have you ever thought about what the WWW stands for in every URL? Supposedly, it stands for World Wide Web, but from what the internet has turned into today, I think it really stands for Weird, Whacked Out, and Wild!
The reason I say that is because these days, films like this can be found for free on places like the Internet Archive, and if that isn't whacked out, I don't know what is! I didn't even know the damn thing existed until a couple of days ago!

So welcome to another Weird-Ass, Whacked Out and Wild Wednesday, and a 1981 film made in Egypt called "Anyab," or "Fangs!"

I don't even know where to start, but to do this correctly I should have gone back and watched "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" again, so I could compare scenes mano a mano, but I just don't have that much time, so you get what you get, and that, my friends, is "Fangs, Fangs, Everywhere!"

And I'm one of the chosen!
 Hassan (The Small Female Devil, House Of Forbidden Pleasures) Al Imam is the narrator!

The Brad and Janet characters are played by Ali El Haggar, and Mounna Gbbr and are now named Ali and Mona! This is a musical so it makes since they had an Egyptian singer for the lead role! Otherwise, these are the only film roles ever by these two. Here's some music from one of the happier moments in the film!

There's a masquerade party going on with lots of musical song and dance numbers!

"Fangs, fangs, everywhere!"

Ahmed (A Trip Of Terror) Adawiyya is the Dracula character! He's a lot creepier that Tim Curry, in fact this whole movie is creepier than "Rocky Horror," and believe it or not, less campy!

Vampire basics 101!

Freakin' "Fangs" is way too long, but the feast scene was kind of interesting!

Right about here, I nearly lost it! You see that "Pink Panther" on the wall, well listen to this!
If you're too lazy to listen then I will explain that in a matter of minutes, the music goes from "The Munsters," to "The Pink Panther," to "James Bond!" The people that made this film had no shame!

Now this is a really scary vampire bat!

Am I here all alone, or am I a topper on my own wedding cake? I just don't know anymore!

Truer words have never been spoken! It's time for Ali to look inward, and do some real soul searching!

Here's the link on The Internet Archive! Knock yourself out! There's nothing to stop you but your own fear!

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Greg Goodsell said...

That ugly bat statue was featured in an Indian horror film the same year! They probably spliced it in!

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