Saturday, March 19, 2016

RAUMPATROUILLE - Peter Thomas - "Hüter Des Gesetzes" (1966)

Guten Tag und Willkommen im Dwräyger Kerker!!

For this Saturday Night Special I've got a real treat for you, episode III of that awesome 60's German TV show "Raumpatrouille!" It is not animated, there are no rodents, and it should never be confused with "Ratatouille!" The disc was donated to us by Professor Grewbeard a few years back! Not sure what the Prof is doing these days, but I hope it's some kickass music deep in the heart of Texas somewhere!

This episode of the German "Space Patrol" is titled "Hüter Des Gesetzes" which roughly translates to something like "Guardian Of The Law!"

This brainbat has developed a new robot that he's showing off to the crew of The Orion!

Seems he hasn't quite worked out all the bugs yet, and the robot attacks the audience, like some big time wrassler out of control!

Svengali seems unfazed by the whole incident!

But the crew has other thoughts!

From here on out, it's just good old fashioned German eye candy!

The music for this episode of "Raumpatrouille" was once again composed by Dungeon überhero PeterThomas! In fact, the only thing that would make this show better would be sub-titles and more music from Maestro Thomas! 
Here's a short sample of what I'm talking about!
And HERE'S the place where you can buy song downloads or copies of the soundtrack on CD, or 180G vinyl signed by Peter Thomas! This just might be your lucky day!

I love the fact that all women of the future have the same hair style!

Time to get this adventure really rolling!

"Raumpatrouille" premiered about a week after "Star Trek" first aired on American airwaves!

Here are Klaus Holm, Wolfgang Völz, Eva Pflug, and Dietmar Schönherr, the main members of the crew of the spaceship Orion in a classic shot!
They've been dispatched to this planet to find out what's going wrong in the mines.

I dig this tubular walkway!

The mining robots are misbehaving and revolting!

What to do, what to do? Think fast Major!

This shot looks like some kind of robotic hen house to me! I can just see the eggs rolling down that corridor into collection baskets!

What else can they possibly do than zap the little bastards!

Time to get the Hell out of there and safely back home!

As my buddy Lord Litter in Germany would always say, 
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The Del-Aires said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I have never heard of this show before and it's amazing! From the big-lever controls of the ships, and the drinking, and women's hair styles, plus all the space-age dance moves -- this is the future I want to be a part of. And fortunately all seven episodes are available on YouTube and with subtitles! Ausgezeichnet! (My high-school German is far too rusty to make it through an episode without some help!) Danke!

EEGAH!! said...

Well, that's awesome enough D-A. I never was able to find it streaming anywhere before, and I only have four episodes without sub-titles, so we both learned something. My German is so rusty, three cans of WD-40, and one of PB Blaster wouldn't help, so that's really good news! Thanx!!

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