Friday, March 4, 2016

PIRANHA / Piranha Productions, New World Pictures - 1978

Time for a pretty good little flick from Roger Corman, filmed in LA and Texas, all about flesh-eating piranhas that are accidently released into the lakes surrounding a summer resort. It follows that the guests become their next meal.

I have a nice sound clip for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our cracked fish tank, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's... PIRANHA!

Keenan Wynn plays Jack, local booze hound, he makes liquor deliveries to his pals using a little radio flyer wagon, one of my favorite toys back in 1950!

Bradford Dillman plays our hero Paul Grogan, he hooks up with Heather Menzies as Maggie McKeown to investigate the weird shit going on in local rivers.

At a hidden government lab, Paul and Maggie discover freak animals being developed. There's even a stop motion animated mini monster loose in the room.

Jack likes to drink and go fishing with his pooch, you can hear him slur his words in the sound clip just before he gets it.

It doesn't end there, this fisherman end up on the wrong side of the food chain.

Kevin McCarthy plays Dr. Hoak, he's responsible for developing the mutant piranhas. Payback is a big old mean biting bitch! Kevin died in 2010 at age 96!!!

Then, pretty Barbara Steele shows up as Dr. Mengers, she works for the military.

Things get interesting at the kids' summer camp when the little critters mount an attack!

Here are two fun shots of some of the crazy action going on because of the deadly piranhas.

The only way to stop the little monsters is to open the valve of poison that is located in a submerged building. Paul is attached to a rope and has to be quickly pulled out by Maggie with her motor boat. Will it work?!

Dungeon Hero Dick Miller plays local big wig, Buck Gardner. He planned the event even after being warned of the potential danger.

Obviously, this blond dude didn't make it, now, he's just a tenderized brisket!

The good news is that Paul survives the ordeal, barely!..

And, for the halibut, this is my surf tune from 1988, Eegah!! does some drum taps to boot. Here's... PIRANHA!

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EEGAH!! said...

Like a broken leg, that's an awesome cast! That's also Paul (Eating Raoul) Bartel as the guy holding the pistol in the Summer camp scene!

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