Wednesday, March 16, 2016

BURY ME AN ANGEL - East-West Pipeline (1972)

Tonight's feature is a top contender in the category of "Why In The Fuck Would You Even Bother" school of film making! That being said, welcome to The Dungeon! Now just look at this poster, why would any sane person be swayed in their opinions by anybody involved with film making from Ronald Reagan to Angelina Jolie, when posters for the movies over the years are nothing but blatant lies and deceit, and really nothing but false advertising! Sure, I know this is just a low budget movie, but trust me, she didn't take on the whole gang, and a more appropriate rewording of the thrills in this flick would be something like a girl on a motorcycle seeking revenge with a whole lot of boring filler footage in between!

It's called "Bury Me An Angel!" Why? I have no clue, motorcycles I guess.
I normally have nothing but respect for anybody attempting to make a movie, but lately I've been a little more critical when the end product is nothing more than a piece of crap like this! But..................On a more positive note, the bluesy hard rockin' music in the movie by East-West Pipeline is pretty cool! Kinda reminds me of some Blue Cheer! Here's some of the title song to prove it!

So let's get this party rolling!

This is what they called an eye hit in 1972!

Looks pretty Sci-Fi right about here!

The party was rockin' and out of nowhere, some guy just comes to the door and blows this guy's face off!

This fellow is the guy who pulled the trigger!

So the sister of the victim who is named Dag, played by Dixie (ANGELS DIE HARD, NIGHT CALL NURSES) Peabody, and her two buddies Jonsie (Terry Mace) and Bernie (Clyde Ventura) set off on a journey to find the killer! You have no idea whether it has been days, months or years since the murder and/or how far they're traveling, maybe 5, maybe 200 miles!

By the light of the campfire, here's an introspective look at Dixie Peabody as Dag!

"What the cornbread Hell's going on her anyway?"

The trio stakes their venture on the money Dag makes from being a two-bit hustler!

They try and tantalize the whole scene with some useless nudity and vulgar language to no avail!

It looked like there was a legitimately genuine ugly dust storm at one point during the filming so they took advantage of it!

After smoking some pot, Dag has a weird dream about the killer!

What the Hell?  It's good old Dan (Grizzly Adams) Haggerty as the hippie artiste Ken!
Damn, Dan just passed away two months ago in January of this year! I would have loved to talk to him about the making of this movie!

After tracking him down for God only knows how long, Dag finally corners the killer of her brother!

And what does he have to say in his defense besides "your brother stole my bike?"
Yecch! Sorry pal, that's no way to win a girl's heart!


Greg Goodsell said...

Dan was hush-hush about his exploitation past. After his "Grizzly Adams" days, he would return to grade-Z horror, such as ELVES.

Michael said...

Dixie passed away some time ago. She rode an 'Indian' motorcycle in her every day life. I didn't notice if that is the same bike in the movie. She was a REAL biker from the days when riding a chopper meant something.

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx Michael! I've been missing comments lately, because they've been going into my spam folder for some reason! Indian still makes a nice bike today!

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