Saturday, March 26, 2016

DR. DEVIL AND MR. HARE - Mel Blanc - Bill Lava (1964)

This is as close as I could find to an Easter movie! At least there's a bunny in it!
Welcome to another Saturday Night Special in The Dungeon!

Tonight's short feature is from 1964, and titled
The featured characters are Bugs Bunny, and Taz, The Tasmanian Devil! 
All the voices are by the brilliant Mel Blanc, who probably has the most credits of anyone anywhere with 1,142, and any music you hear is by the molten Bill Lava! 
Bill only had 521 composing credits to his name when he passed away back in 1971!

Despite having only seven cartoon appearances between 1954 and 1964, Taz has built up a rabid following over the years that has extended his career well into the 2000's!

Bugs is just trying to enjoy a nice relaxing bubble bath.....

.........When Taz blows into the scene!!

Some condiments might make this Easter dish even a little tastier!

After Bugs flips out screaming for a doctor acting like that ketchup was blood, Taz goes running off to the Doctor. Bugs shows up as the Doctor and tells Taz that he's just in time for his annual checkup!
Dr. Devil (Bugs Bunny) tells Taz that he is in bad shape and to look into the mirror to see for himself!
What a Picasso!!

The fluoroscope shows that Taz's hormones are fighting with his capillaries!

The A's are getting into his bloodstream as fast as the B's! 

Dr. Devil gives Taz some nitro glycerin and shakes him up good!

I love this shot of  the whirling dervish Taz digging out!

Bugs stuffs Taz into a mailbox and he gets sent around the world!

Here's another great shot of Taz in high gear!

Bugs does his best impersonation of Groucho Marx!

In the maternity ward of the hospital Dr. Devil creates a Frankenstein monster with Taz's help, and the monster proceeds to beat the crap out of both of them!

 The first appearance of the Tasmanian Devil was in a June 19, 1954 cartoon titled "Devil May Care!" In the 90's and beyond there was a big 9 year feud between the government of Tasmania and Warner Brothers as to who owned his rights! It's probably still not finally settled! 
Who'd a thunk?


TC said...

Taz made relatively few appearances in animated cartoons in the 1950's and '60's, but the cartoons were rerun so much that it may have seemed like he appeared more often. And he was a semi-regular in the Daffy Duck comic books at that time, too.

A trademark dispute over the Tasmanian Devil? I guess, "Where there's a hit, there's a writ."

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Yuk, Yuk, Yuk TC!!

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