Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NERTZERY RHYME'S - Howard, Fine, and Howard (1933)

 Well, I've developed a new found interest in The Three Stooges, and it made me realize I didn't really know what their very first appearance was, but I'll tell you one thing, I wasn't ready for this!
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  Ted Healy was a vaudeville comic who in 1923 developed an act called "Ted Healy & His Stooges!" Some time later, the Horwitz brothers and Mr. Feinberg split off on their own, to become "The Three Stooges." In the 1930s, Ted Healy was the highest paid comic in the country, making $30,000 per week, but he only paid the stooges a paltry $33.00 each during the same time. Ted was a notorious alcoholic, and the night of his death, he started a bar room fight, and never regained consciousness! He was only 41 at the time!

Ted has the starring role as the Father, and The Stooges are his three sons! In case you wondered how they made Ted look so much bigger than the boys, it's really quite simple! The Three Stooges were very short little guys! Curly was the tallest of these three at 5' 5", Larry was only 5' 4", and Moe was really small at 5' 3 1/2" tall!

 It's just freakin' weird! "Tell us a bedtime story Papa!"

 Bonnie (Beer And Pretzels) Bonnell) has the role of the hot Good Fairy!

 The children look like they'd be more interested in the Bad Fairy!
Why don't we ever hear about the Bad Fairies?

 You know, throughout history, there were actually a lot of Bad Fairies in the world like Leanhaum-Shee, Gan Ceanach, Bendith Y Mamau, Bannik, Fachan, Sluagh, Berberoka, Red Cap, Ankou, and The Storm Hag, but folklore has just chose to ignore the evil side for some reason! If you'd like a better view of the darkside, you can find the fascinating stories of all these Bad Fairies right HERE!

Ted Healy didn't really like Jerome (Curly) Horwitz, so after Shemp left the act, Ted said he'd let Curly have the role if he shaved his head, thinking that he wouldn't do it, but he did! All the head bonking and eye poking all goes back to that original vaudevillian act!

 That was pretty much all just the introduction to this archive footage of a full scale song and dance production!

 The two gals doing the splits were pretty interesting!

 It's just one giant human peacock musical and this is just the first number! The next act is about The Woman In The Shoe, and is a quite the peppy little tune performed by The Rounders with Ethelind Terry that you can check out right HERE!

Good Night All!! Sweet Dreams!!!

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