Friday, March 11, 2016

EEGAH!! & TABONGA! AT THE MOVIES 7 / The Early Sixties

Eegah!! and I got to see a lot of early sixties monster movies together, it was our favorite thing to do. Here are a few more titles we were fortunate enough to see at the time...

Hammer's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA was okay, but, it just didn't seem to have the punch we were looking for. The makeup wasn't that great to start with.

THE DAY MARS INVADED EARTH was such a yawner that Eegah!! didn't even remember seeing it!!.. There were only like two half way scary scenes, giving it a D+ on the old Dungeon scale.

MILL OF THE STONE WOMEN really got to Eegah!! He said he had some bad dreams after seeing it. I'm sure that statue caught our eye, I mean, we were only 12 years old!

Now, here's a wild 'n' weird little sci-fi adventure we saw from Czechoslovakia called MAN IN OUTER SPACE. Actually, we loved it, we always enjoyed comedies like LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, A BUCKET OF BLOOD and CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA.

We thought THE WITCH'S CURSE was a great little sword and sandal adventure. Our favorite part was when Maciste jumped over a ravine in Hell. You'll have to watch the movie to see what we're talking about! We're back tomorrow with more cool junk, see you there!..

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TC said...

Like you, I thought that the 1962 version of Phantom of the Opera was OK, but not anything special. It seemed kind of uneventful, and everything in it had been done before in the previous versions.

I've heard of The Witch's Curse somewhere, but haven't seen it. I assume "Maciste En Enfer" translates as "Maciste in the Inferno" or "Maciste in Hell." You know, I don't think I've ever seen an English-language version of a Maciste movie that had the name "Maciste" in the title. It was always "Hercules" or "Samson" or "Goliath" or "Son of Hercules." Maybe there was a glitch with the trademark, or maybe the US distributors just wanted a name more familiar to American audiences.

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