Friday, October 16, 2015

EEGAH!! & TABONGA! AT THE MOVIES 2 / The Early Sixties

Welcome back! Here are some more cool movies Eegah!! and I got to see together some fifty years ago, so, enjoy the ride...

BATTLE BEYOND THE SUN was pretty weird for us, the Euro looking dudes were odd and the totally insane monsters were like, WTF! One thing I remember vividly was the name patch they put over the Russian symbols on the spaceship moved around a bit, making it a little hokey.

Like father, like son!!.. William Castle was one out there guy, he kept us entertained, that's for sure. Here's a strange little coincidence.. Eegah!! informed me last night that he'd finally found his Punishment Poll after looking for it for years and I've included the movie in my post today.

BLACK SABBATH was another movie we liked, although Boris was one terrifying vampire, we liked the lead in segment with the dead lady on the bed the best!

Here's a wild little comedy we saw, script was written by Jonathan Haze (real last name is Hayes). One thing that was appealing to us were the ample packages of Dr. Tanga and Professor Puna. We liked this segment where the girls scan the minds of our moronic heroes.

But, another WTF! moment. These male space creatures have got to be one of the most god awful monster designs in Hollywood history... EVER!!!

Dick Miller is one of our all time favorite actors, watch him give his speech at the UN in WAR OF THE SATELLITES, the guy could act!! He is so perfect as Walter Paisley and makes this one a ton of fun to watch. Even getting to see this model's bare back was really exciting for us! Be back tomorrow as we continue down the old bloody Halloween Countdown trail!



High There

I have posted a link to Tabonga's 2009 review also posted a link to the full Invasion of the Star Creatures movie

thanks for the grins

TABONGA! said...

Thanks GS.. We appreciate stuff like that, here at The Dungeon!

Johnny Szlauderbach said...

You are the BEST. Thank you!

Johnny Szlauderbach said...

Are these the best of Les Baxter's horror-movie scores? I rented a few Bava movies on Amazon's streaming service last week and even though I'd seen them a while back, I couldn't remember Baxter's contribution; of course, they all had the restored Italian soundtrack. Not a complaint--still great stuff--but where is all the Baxter horror buried?

EEGAH!! said...

Since I prefer swingin' stuff over highly orchestrated music, one of my favourite Les Baxter soundtrack's is from "Panic In The Year Zero!"

Monster Music

Monster Music
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