Monday, October 26, 2015


Today, I'm giving out my personal Happy Halloween greeting to all our readers. As I was browsing images for the post, I was drawn to the postcards from 100 years ago because they make it fun without anyone getting their head chopped off our guts pulled out, and, was typical of the imagery when I was a kid. Just to compare my first Halloween outing in 1951 when I was 3 years old, here's what it was like... My girl cousins took a sheet and cut two eye holes in it, that was my costume, a ghost! Most of my relatives lived in the country, so, that's where we went to Trick Or Treat, there were around 10 of us with a few flashlights. The houses were like a half block away from each other to start with and quite honestly, I really don't remember much, just trying to see out of the holes in the sheet was a heck of a chore!

It's all about pumpkins! Almost every single image has a pumpkin in it. We'll start with this great lineup of our little buddies. Eegah!! got super elaborate with pumpkin carving a few years ago, entertaining his kids, grandkids and Trick Or Treaters.

They were very friendly little critters back then. Today, this doesn't make any sense.

And, this little gang of spooks get to tool around in their stylish Gourdmobile.

Don't forget about Devils, they pop in to create the mayhem, you know, it's their job!

It didn't take any high tech computer gimmick to scare kids back then, just notice the creepy little faces on those spooks, it was just simply design.

Hey, there's my black cat, BOO, checking out that pumpkin!

The artwork is so tasty, those illustrators back then really knew how to use color.

I wanted to throw this one in because we needed a little Pumpkin Cake with Whipped Cream!

And this, makes me think that people just don't know how to have fun any more!

Your Halloween Treat is here, this is a tune recorded by our band, Those Beasleys, in 1994. I wrote the music and played guitar and bass on it, and, it's one of my favorites. Enjoy, here's... GHOSTS!


zillagord said...

Really enjoyed these, Tabonga, the artwork was superb! Thanks for sharing, Happy Halloween!

TABONGA! said...

Thanx Z - Glad you checked in..

Monster Music

Monster Music
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