Saturday, October 3, 2015

BETTY BOOP'S HALLOWE'EN PARTY - Fleischer Studios (1933)

Halloween material is getting kind of scarce around here! Thank Goodness for Betty Boop cartoons! They are amazing, and they are free, and that's a combination that's hard to beat!

I was looking for a cool Betty Boop color picture as a heading for this post, but I think I might have found a stinkin' virus instead! Beware where you tread ye meek and weary!

A series of shadows like witches and bats race in front of a full moon, and then Jack Frost drops by, and a scarecrow receives an invitation to a Hallowe'en party! Where the Hell have I been living the last century? I swear I never saw Halloween spelled Hallowe'en before, but from what I just read, that is the original spelling, as it's supposed to be an abbreviated form of "All Hallows Day!" 

Stupid scarecrow tries to warm his straw hands by the fire!

This is a very unconventional way of putting a candle in a Jack O Lantern!

For some reason, when the guests arrive, they all look the same, .......

......But once the party gets started, the guests take on all kinds of different forms!

Did you ever wonder how some of the weird animals in the world were created? Maybe it has something to do with party goers like these who get too drunk and start messing around!

In my opinion, "Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing" seemed like an odd choice of music for a Hallowe'en tale! 

The olde Hallowe'en standard, bobbing for apples!

Trouble rears it's ugly head in the form of a giant gorilla party crasher!

The big galoot thinks he's going to ruin Betty's party! Boy, does he have another thought coming!

Betty is in cahoots with the devil or some other nefarious member of the nether lands, because all kinds of demons and spirits come to her rescue!

The painted witches come to life, and start peppering the Gorilla with a bunch of pumpkins!

Every time the lights go out, another set of monsters and demons show up!

This evil cat is the one who keeps turning the lights off and on!

The stupid goon decides to make an exit stage right!

As it turns out, it was Betty in the cat costume all along! It still doesn't explain anything else, but then, it is a cartoon, so it doesn't have to make sense!
Since everything else is topsy turvy in the world today, maybe it's time for a change! My Mom says she knows a woman who dresses up like a clown every year, knocks on people's doors, and hands out candy to them! Sounds like a good idea, I just might try it!

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