Saturday, October 10, 2015

BOO MOON - Casper The Friendly Ghost (1953)

Well, in about one hour and seventeen minutes from now, I should be watching Neil Young in concert "live," and I'm looking forward to it!
But in the meantime, let's keep the Hallowe'en silly scary going with some more from our little pal, one of the most misunderstood characters of all time, right up there with Ozzie Nelson and Dobie Gillis, and one of the nicest dead guys you'll ever meet....................

.......Casper The Friendly Ghost in a tall tale that was originally released in 1953 in 3D titled:
"Boo Moon!"
Here's Casper's theme music, but it's haunted or something. The rest of the sound on this cartoon was fine, but this has got some kind of hellacious echo on it I can't explain! Maybe it actually made it a little more interesting! Honestly, I didn't tamper with it, that's really the way it sounded!

Casper accidentally scares the crap out of a huckster selling visions of the moon at the high price of 10 cents!

Looking through the vacated telescope, Casper finally sees the face of somebody who is not scared of him, the Man in the Moon!!!

Casper senses a kindred spirit and decides to check it out for himself!

Let's give Harvey Films some credit here! Where else in 1953 could you be exposed to elements of ghostly horror, comedy, sci-fi, and 3D all in a matter of just a few measly minutes?
Here's some of the cool Space Lounge Muzik and a little bit more created by Winston Sharples as Casper soars off to the moon! Trick or Treat this, Winston Sharples composed the music for over 700 cartoons! I was going to list them all, but then I temporarily regained my sanity!

Aw, as he gets closer, Casper discovers that it's not a face on the moon at all!

To Casper's disbelief, the Moon is nothing but a bunch of craters with no life at all! 

Casper is tired, so he decides to take a nap, and then it all starts happening!

What the Heck!? The next thing you know it's the story of Gulliver's Travels, with Casper as Gulliver!

The little Moon King is so cute, but he thinks Casper is a monster!

Then it gets real serious! This Tree Men monster troupe swoops down on all the little moon men!

This still is just to give you a little example of what we have to deal with down in The Dungeon sometimes! This is what the first free version I downloaded off of the Internet Archive looked like! I would have had to post it like this had I not found this other version on YouTube!

The Moon Men fight back ferociously with flaming arrows that do a lot of damage to The Tree Men!

It was all pretty realistic up to this point, but then The Tree Men find a crater full of water, and use it to squirt out all the flames! C'mon, everybody knows there's no water on the moon! 

When you see a giant gate like this, you can't help but think of "King Kong!"

The evil Tree Men bust down the gates!

They capture the King, which finally pisses Casper off enough that he gets out of his cage!

Casper renders the Tree Men's legs useless by going underneath the surface and tying their legs in knots! Tree Men with their legs pulled down like roots, very interesting!

Now Casper is the hero of the day! He replanted the Tree Men, and life on the Moon can go on as usual!

Maybe there is life on the Moon after all!


Grant said...

I don't know whether it ever scared me personally, but this is one Casper cartoon that could be considered spooky (with the whole look of the tree men).

EEGAH!! said...

Yeah, it was pretty violent and creepy for a Casper cartoon all right!

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