Saturday, October 17, 2015

SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS - Season One, Episode 13 - "Scaredy Pants" (1999)

I was going to start off with the fact that I don't usually do modern shows, and then it dawned on me that 1999 was already 16 years ago! This IS the distant past already!

One of both Eegah!! and Tabonga's favourite TV shows is and was "SpongeBob SquarePants!
A lot of weird stuff has been said about SpongeBob over the years, but don't believe any of it!
SpongeBob is the perfect innocent, he means well, but he's just really bad at it! The artwork and writing are superlative! Some people just don't get SpongeBob, but I just don't get why!

So this was the 13th episode of season number one, and it was split into two tales of terror, this one titled "Scaredy Pants," and the second part was titled "I Was A Teenage Gary," which I hope to get around to sometime too!

Here's a short soundclip to get you in the mood!

It's Hallowe'en, and SpongeBob decides to be a scary ghost!

But it turns out that his costume isn't scary at all!

Patrick finds this hand puppet to be much scarier than SpongeBob!

Which causes SpongeBob to realize that the whole scary problem is the shape of his head!

So he enlists Patrick to trim him up, and round off his head!

What do you know? It worked and everybody is scared now! The reason that SpongeBob is wearing clogs is because he is pretending to be the ghost of The Flying Dutchman!

It's imagery like this of SpongeBob scaring Mr. Krabs that puts SpongeBob cartoons in a league of their own in my book!

SpongeBob's friend Sandy's costume is a fish in a fishbowl!
Squidward is also decked out as The Flying Dutchman!

You've gotta have imagination working overtime to figure out something like an underwater moon!

While SpongeBob is trying t o scare all the folks at "The Krusty Krab," the real ghost of The Flying Dutchman shows up!

SpongeBob is in deep doodoo now!

Then suddenly, the ghost of The Flying Dutchman gets scared and flees the scene after pulling the pillowcase off of SpongeBob's head!

As it turns out, Patrick gave SpongeBob a shave that was just maybe a little too close, and it scares the lovin' bejesus out of everybody! Having no clue how hideous he looks, SpongeBob sez, "Don't worry, it grows back!!"

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