Wednesday, October 21, 2015


1942!! It must have been quite a year! World War II was raging, the film "Casablana" was released, and Frank Sinatra made his singing debut!

1942 was also the year that George Pal decided to make a puppetoon called "Jasper And The Hounted House!"

Jasper is just an innocent little kid set out to deliver a gooseberry pie to the Deacon!
I think it's pretty obvious why you will never see this cartoon on the TV these days!

But this evil scarecrow and his phony crone blackbird pal got a hankering for the taste of some gooseberry pie too!

The scarecrow switches the road sign around and sends Jasper off to the haunted house instead!

I wish it was a littler clearer because it's really a cool little set!

A ghost ends up stealing the pie right out from of under the scarecrow's nose, and then a ghost who's still got a soul shows up to play a little boogie woogie on the piano!

Everybody knows how to make a handkerchief dance
And that's what makes this cartoon rock too!!

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