Saturday, September 5, 2015

THE BRAIN LEECHES - Fred Olen Ray - "An Odyssey Of Terror" (1978)

Welcome to the bottom most pit of The Dungeon. Tonight's movie is historical for one reason, and that's because it was a film made by a very young Fred Olen Ray! Great title! Bad movie!
Made in the late 70's, this film was never released I guess until Sinister Cinema unearthed it some time in the last 20 years! In reality, it probably should have stayed buried forever, but oh, well!

I really think they got the decimal in the wrong place, but if Fred really did spend $298.00 on "The Brain Leeches," then at least 97.3%  must have gone toward the price of the film!

With all due respect, and I do respect anybody that has tried to make a movie, Lord knows we tried more than once, but sometimes you just have to tell the truth, and the fact of the matter is that "The Brain Leeches" is a piece of shit at best! Lovable? No! Crappable? Yes Indeed! To his credit, Fred Olen Ray was only 24 when this film was made, and he now has 139 titles to his name, and I'm guessing has made more movies with the word 'Bikini' in the title than any other person in the world, like "Bikini Airways," "Bikini A Go Go," "Bikini Chain Gang," "Ghost In A Teeny Bikini," and "Super Ninja Bikini Babes!" I think I counted 17! His current project coming out this year is titled "Small Town Prince!"

The highlight of the whole movie is the title song performed by Paul Jones & Sugar Lee and presented here for your listening pleasure! The second highlight of the film was another tune Paul & Sugar performed during the closing credits! (Maybe the $298.00 went to them!)

Okay, let's get the action going with a guy fishing for an indeterminate amount of time!

After a while, he's attacked and gets killed by some incredible lake somethings!

They must have filmed "The Brain Leeches" on a Wednesday!

No, Sir, I'm afraid it's not possible to get your money back!

Omigawd!! I can't take, take, take, take it no more!

Highlight number three! The calm before the storm!

"The Brain Leeches" isn't even an hour long, and yet there's still plenty of utterly useless and completely worthless scenes like milling around in the kitchen for 3 or 4 minutes doing absolutely nothing, aka filler!

I will not lie to you, after watching about 17 minutes, this is exactly the way I looked!

Highlight number four, he wasn't really sleeping!

Minus one point for his wife getting attacked by the leeches that came out of his mouth, and her amazingly pathetic and tepid overdubbed vocals that you'll hear at the end of the title song if you listen to it!

The space aliens are observing the whole thing!

I seriously hope the misspelling of copyright was a joke!
Fred Olen Ray will be turning 61 on September 10th! Happy Birthday Fred!!
Thanks for the mammaries!


TABONGA! said...

I think our little 8mm movie from 1963, DR. HEKYLL AND MR. JYDE, was a lot better than this thing, but unfortunately, it is lost to time, I loaned it to my girlfiend!!

Anonymous said...

I made so many 10-to-20-minute Super 8 sci-fi films that I lost count at about 100. I gave several to a friend who was in them, destroyed a few on purpose, had a couple with genuine "Hollyweird" guest stars, yet still have most of my mini-epics intact in a box in a closet. Why? I ask myself. --KD

EEGAH!! said...

KD - You need to unearth those films and get them converted to digital before they disintegrate! Sounds like you should be able to easily piece together a new classic legitimate 60 minute film!!

Anonymous said...

I had one guy trying to buy my footage of a well-known b-movie actress who was in a film of mine in the '80s...he wanted to use her name and presence (despite the fact she's been dead for over a decade) in a film of his. Weird, huh? I've had a handful of my films transferred to digital, but they look and sound like crap. I have something I'm working on at the moment though, a digital video micro-budget feature. My guess is it'll be on YouTube or Vimeo. Thanks for asking. Having just discovered your site, I'll be back. --KD

EEGAH!! said...

Glad you found us KD - We like useful informative comments, so whatever you can bring to the party will always be welcome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I used to have gatherings at home back in the '70s and ' an MST3K gang, but in "meatspace"...all with tapes fresh from Sinister Cinema. And I had a live-over-the-phone commentary once with Arthur C. Pierce, while we both watched his The Human Duplicators on "Superstation TBS." If only I'd been running a tape of that call...

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