Wednesday, September 23, 2015

BETTY BOOP IN SNOW WHITE - Cab Calloway - "Saint James Infirmary Blues" (1933)

 It's Surreal Wednesday Cartoon Night down in The Dungeon!
Sometimes I just don't know what Max Fleischer was thinking!

 Just another classic tale, but with Betty Boop in the driver's seat! Right!

 I'm not sure that assisted by 'Bimbo and Ko-Ko' is exactly the correct terminology!

 This is the evil Stepmother and the all knowing, all telling smartass mirror!

 Betty, I mean Snow White, comes to visit Stepmom, and who are the guards at the door? Why it's her pals Bimbo and Ko-Ko!

 Weird shot at the door entrance!

 The Evil Stepmother can't believe how gorgeous Snow White is!

 She ogles her so hard that her face turns into a frying pan and fried eggs!

 Once again asked that famous question about who is the fairest in the land, the mirror has of course decided that it is Snow White!

 This is the "assisted by Bimbo and Ko-Ko" part that I don't get! Stepmom has told them to chop off Snow White's head, and they're getting ready to go through with it!

 Everything falls apart, and Snow White, Bimbo and Ko-Ko all fall into a big hole.  Snow White becomes encased in a big ice cube and slides off to the house of the Seven Dwarfs!

 The mirror changed the appearance of the evil Stepmom into a witch, and now she's using it to turn Ko-Ko into a dancing ghost!

 The ghost turns out to be Mr. Cab (Minnie The Moocher) Calloway singing

 The background paintings in this musical number are totally whacked out!

 Just enough time for the mirror to tweak the Stepmom one more time!

 This time she gets turned into some kind of weird dragon!

And the tips of the tassels on her tiara turn into ducks just like in the Disney version!


Grant said...

That has to be one of the most downbeat songs to show up in a cartoon, but I guess it does manage to tie in with the story.

RBW said...

One of the few iconic cartoon characters that I never really got into. I preferred Olive Oyl. LOL

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