Wednesday, September 9, 2015

YOU TRY SOMEBODY ELSE - Etherl Merman - Max Fleischer (1932)

Welcome to another installment of Weirdsville Wednesday down in The Dungeon!
I've got a good one for you tonight, and if you don't like it, then go try somebody else!!

"You Try Somebody Else" might just be one of the first ever music videos, and to think MTV thought they were doing something new and innovating some 50 years later!

"You Try Somebody Else" starts off as a cartoon!

Just unroll this jailbird's stripes and he's ready to join society again!

But it just so happens that this cat is incorrigible!  He's not out two seconds, and he's already looking for trouble!

The first house he goes into has an unprotected safe!

What's inside the safe?  A chicken, a fish, and some eggs!!!
Seems like there was a fine line between a refrigerator and a safe!

The fish pleads for his life! After all, he's got a family!

Here comes Betty Boop to save the day! What Betty Boop is doing in an Ethel Merman singalong or what Ethel Merman is doing in a Betty Boop cartoon is anybody's guess!

Betty's got that bad cat in her sights all right!

The jig is up, and she marches him off to the authorities!

SO just what the Hell is going on here anyway? Good luck with that one!

The bad cat sees a picture of Ethel (Everything's Coming Up Roses) Merman in the paper..................

.............and now it's time for the famous "bouncing ball sing along!"
a oneuh, a twouh, a three....Hit It!!

"You Try Somebody Else!!"
"You Try Somebody Else (We'll Be Back Together Again)" was written by the mighty force of Ray (I'm Sitting On Top Of The World, Bye Bye Blackbird) Henderson, Buddy G. (Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries) Desylva, and Lew (Beer Barrel Polka) Brown!

Now what this song, and this prison break scenario have in common is way beyond my conception!
I literally have no freakin' clue as to what the connection is, except for the fact that they have nothing in common at all! I guess when you're on the inside, you have no choice but to try somebody else!

There's nothing that's much merrier than an army of prison guards shooting a bunch of prisoners!

The final shot is of a bunch of prisoners getting electrocuted together!
I guess their chance to try somebody else is over!
All I can say is seriously...... WTF?!

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Grant said...

I've become attached to Ethel Merman's early roles partly because of her being in some of Eddie Cantor's comedies (she played a comical femme fatale role in at least two of them).

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