Friday, September 18, 2015

NIGHT GALLERY: A Fear Of Spiders / Universal Television - 1971

Hi kids, time for another visit to the wild and weird side of television horror at The Dungeon!

Our story stars Patrick O'Neal, it's all about a food critic who is being hounded by a rather unattractive woman in his building, she has become quite a nuisance and he just can't get any work done because of her constant interruptions. Then, when he tries to stop a leaky faucet he sees a tiny spider in the sink and washes it down the drain, but, it soon reappears, larger...

I've got a sound clip for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over by our old glowing spider web tunnel, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's a spooky little sample from... A FEAR OF SPIDERS!

In the sound clip. you will hear Rod say that they have coined the phrase... Arachnophobia! Could that be true, the writers of this episode came up with that common term?!

Here's dapper food critic Justus Walters trying to get some work done in his apartment office. The doorbell rings...

Oh crap, it's that bothersome dish mop Elizabeth Croft from upstairs!

Justus is pure mean to her in an attempt to get her to go away. Kim Stanley plays Elizabeth.

After chasing away Elizabeth, Justus goes into the kitchen and finds a large spider in sink. He has an unnatural fear of spiders. And, every time he washes the damn thing down the drain, it crawls out, appearing to be larger than the time before! Weird!!.. Crap, crap, who's at the door now?!

Whew, it's only the apartment super come to fix the old thermostat. I ask you, do you think this guy likes Justus in any way, shape or form?

After the super leaves, Justus hears some weird sounds coming from his bedroom, he opens the door...


In a panic, Justus runs up the see Elizabeth and has a couple of drinks to calm his nerves.

She agrees to go to his place to prove to him that he was just seeing things.

She tricks him into going in the bedroom and she locks the door, where...


Anyway, be back tomorrow when Eegah!! will have something up his sleeve, wait, cavemen don't have sleeves..


Grant said...

I don't know this episode all that well, but I think that Patrick O'Neal was one of the most underrated actors ever. Not little-known, but still pretty underrated. He even got to play a pretty out-there horror film character in CHAMBER OF HORRORS. And anyone who likes unusual WWII movies should see him in CASTLE KEEP.

And even though I've never really been familiar with Kim Stanley, she was a famous leading lady for some time (I've heard she was pretty self-conscious about playing a "dowdy" character in this story).

Buckwithab said...

You are absolutely right

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