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We've been doing this blog for a little over eight years now, and you honestly wouldn't believe what we've had to do to track down all these movies, but thanx to great friends and associates from all over the place like Brian over at The Trash Palace, The Cult Action Team, Michael Jaffé and Darren from jolly old England, Professor Grewbeard, and Greg Goodsell, we've presented the most diverse set of hard-to-find films and TVshows ever, but yet, there are always those elusive titles that we've had on lists for years that never turn up! In fact, here's a couple of titles we're seeking that I'm not even sure exist anywhere, things like "Andy Warhol's Batman Dracula" from 1964, "Bongowolf's Revenge" from 1970, "Ugly Duckling" (an early Hammer Jekyll and Hyde), and the ever mysterious "Curse Of The Moon Child!" But the reason I'm  telling you this is because I just took one film off of the list today, and I just happened to stumble on it on YouTube of all places while looking for something else! The internet can truly be an amazing place when used improperly!

I had no idea that "Zorgon The H-Bomb Beast From Hell" was a silent (hence no sound clip), student-made, short film! All I knew before a couple of days ago was that it was a cool title, that was awfully difficult to locate!

Bam! The two slain kids were the two in the picture above! At just a little over nine minutes, there's not a lot of room for small talk here!

 The copy you'll find to watch on the internet is right about here on YouTube!
The person who posted the film named Rosebud added some music and sound effects to make it a little more watchable! They also felt a need to put on this disclaimer at the beginning, "Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in the occult!" 
Okay! Sure! No Problem!

The intertitle cards were each a stand alone shot, but I added them as captions to save some room here!

Interesting set! Money might have been a factor!

Sharp lookin' V Dub!!

Director Kevin Fernan is the first on-screen victim of the wrath of the beast!


These two action shots actually make this movie look pretty good!

Although this was a one-time outing for Director Kevin Fernan, some of these people in the monster hunting posse had and/or went on to have real careers in movie making like Jim (Outer Limits, Equinox) Danforth, and Mark Thomas (Equinox, Bad Girls From Mars) McGee!

This is Ace (The Return Of Swamp Thing, Transylvania Twist) Mask, and Susan (Conan The Barbarian, The Thing) Turner as the posse organizer and his wife!

Looks like a cowboy with elongated arms to me!

Oh, No! Zorgon has got the girl!

A massive battle ensues between Ace Mask and Zorgon!

And then Zorgon is unmasked, and it turns out that it was just one of the guys, David (Laserblast, The Stuff) Allen the whole time!

The monster is put to rest in the most appropriate way possible!
I can only assume that  since Jim Danforth, Susan Turner, and David Allen all ended up having quite respectable jobs in visual effects and animation, that maybe they all contributed to the look that can only be described as "Zorgon The H-Bomb Beast From Hell!"
Next Stop, Halloween Countdown 2015!!


Grant said...

Zorgon looks like he was inspired by the mutants of IN THE YEAR 2889, so maybe the makers were Larry Buchanan fans.

The Del-Aires said...

By the way, this film was included on the supplement DVD for Criterion's release of Equinox which came out some years ago. And that version is completely silent.

The Del-Aires said...

By the way this film was included in the supplement DVD for Criterion's release of Equinox which came out some years ago. It is a completely silent version.

Lawson Desrochers said...

Two bits of fun trivia care of IMDB...

This was a film assignment for Kevin Fernan while he was at Pasadena City College, his professor ended up giving him an A- on the project.

The Zorgon costume was made up of pieces of the monsters in "Octaman" (1971), and "Schlock" (1973), both designed by Rick Baker.

EEGAH!! said...

Good Comments! Thanx!

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