Saturday, June 13, 2015

TODSCHÜSSE AM BROADWAY - Peter Thomas - "Broadways Deadly Gold" (1969)

Welcome to the lucky Saturday the 13th version of The Dungeon! Just like Lord Litter, I think these Jerry Cotton films are some of my favourites of the 60's spy and secret agent genres! In the all around weird but well done department, it just doesn't get much better than this!

Whether you call it "Broadway's Deadly Gold" or, "Todesschüsse Am Broadway," or "Dead Body On Broadway," it really doesn't make much difference, because it's still one strange movie, no matter what the name is!

Here's the man of the hour, George Nader as FBI Agent Jerry Cotton! This was to be George's 8th, and last appearance as Jerry Cotton, a run than went on from 1965 to 1969!

These two shots personify what a topsy turvy movie this really is! "Round and round we go, one, two, three, kick! One, two, three, Jump!"

"Todesschüsse Am Broadway" can be quite atmospheric at times!

Miha (Stronghold Of Toughs) Bolah is Joe Costello, one extremely bad mutha! He's after the gold, and the cops are after him so he just had his face redone so he couldn't be recognized! This is how he paid the people for their handiwork!

There just had to be a dance studio for amateur strippers to flesh out the script!

Most of the Jerry Cotton films are shot in Germany, but disguised to look like places in America. This one had some scenes actually shot in Las Vegas in the days when accordion players could still command the stage!

This is just the way Director Harald Reinl and Cinematographer Heinz Hölscher roll, and it always makes for fun watching!
Heidy Bohlen as Cindy Holden is the item that everybody is looking for, and the whole movie is spent with different groups pursuing her because as the girlfriend of the dead guy who stashed the gold, all the other players naturally assume she knows where it is, but she really doesn't! Heidy was in some films with dubious titles like "Naughty Roommates," and "The Sensuous Three," and in some film called "The Long Swift Sword Of Siegfried" she was credited as Heidy Ho! Gotta love it!

FBI agents Jerry Cotton and his partner Phil Decker set up a surveillance camera in Cindy's apartment so they can keep and eye on her! Phil really enjoys his job! Phil Decker was played by Heinz Weiss in all the Jerry Cotton films!

Naturally Cindy is also a nightclub performer or else it wouldn't be a Jerry Cotton flick!

One of my favourite composers Peter Thomas wrote the music, but this song performed by Cindy Holden is one of THE worst songs I've ever heard! Worse even than the music in "Manos: The Hands Of Fate," and that's really saying something! Check it out right here if you don't believe me! Whoohoohahoohoo!

Joe Costello is possibly the most dispicable person on the face of the planet! While trying to escape the pursuing Jerry Cotton, he abducts this kid, and then ditches him in a truck after pulling the pin on a grenade and handing it to him! What a guy! The kid was either a really good actor or actually really scared!

I just had to show you this still of the residents of the apartment building where Costello kidnapped the kid! They're watching them go down in an elevator!

Jerry Cotton tries to do a police sketch of Joe Costello's new face without much luck!

IF you think this is a real place, you'd be sorely mistaken!

This bunch of bozos are also pursuing both Joe Costello and Cindy Holden! They're a pretty tight group, literally!

So what do you think about the composition of these two shots? Pretty jagged huh?!

In the big standoff between Jerry Cotton and Joe Costello, Costello threatens to smash Cindy's head in, and that might just be about as much as Jerry can handle!
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