Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SWING YOU SINNERS! - Sam Coslow & W. Franke Harling (1930)

In 1930 Max Fleischer made one of the most bizarre cartoons of all time, and it was called "Swing You Swingers!"  So if you think you're hip enough, then hang on to your beret, and we'll just find out! The killer music in this strange little cartoon was created by Sam Coslow and W. Frank Harling whose music has been used in movies for decades! Among a massive host of other things, Sam wrote the classics "Everybody Loves Somebody," and "Cocktails For Two," and Franke was responsible for the music in tons of films and serials like "The Invisible Ray," and "Tailspin Tommy In The Great Air Mystery!" The original title of the song was "Sing, You Sinners," instead of "Swing You Sinners!"

Bimbo is up to no good, and gets caught red handed stealing a chicken!

He goes to a graveyard, and the gates close behind him effectively sealing him in!

And then it all begins.......after that, "Swing You Sinners" is just a bunch of different haunted characters randomly thrown at Bimbo!

This Grave Guy looks like his breath would smell pretty bad!

What the Hell are these, Cyclops-Seal-Mermaid-Ghosts?

Looks like Satan himself decided to show up!

Hey Bimbo, we've got a room waiting just for you!

If that's not nightmarish eough for you, then how about.....

......A giant chicken reminiscent of "The Giant Claw!"

This guy looks very familiar!

Ghosts living in the stairwell!

If the ghost chasing Bimbo with a horn isn't weird enough for you, what's up with the little guy?

Straight razors always make for good comedy fodder!

A pre-fab mobile monster!

The creatures and the characters just keep on rolling in!

And they keep getting weirder!

And weirder!

And Weirder!

And even weirder!

This cartoon is approximately 8 minutes long, but it looks like they had enough ghosts to on for hours! In case you want to watch the whole thing, and I do recommend that, then here's the Youtube link, and thanx to McSchwartz for posting it!


Grant said...

That next-to-last one likes a little like some Basil Wolverton cartoon.

Eegah!! said...

Yeah, there were a couple of Wolvertonish looking characters in that cartoon!

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