Wednesday, June 17, 2015

HAPPY DAYS - Ub Iwerks & Carl Stalling (1936)

Here's a little information for all you Blogger neophytes! If you're an html moron like I am, and you're writing a post like this one, there are certain scary unknown places where you can hit control Z to undo something, and it totally wipes out your whole post, and as far as I can discern, there is no redo at that point! It's a real pisser when you've just spent a couple of hours on something, and you have to do it all again! Not only is the fire gone, but a lot of the ideas are also gone forever, and that's exactly what happened when I was working on this one, and that's something that will really test your meddle!

Lucky for me, this time it was only a cartoon, so.....
"Happy Days" are here again!  
The music was created by the immortal Carl Stalling, a man with an incredible 760 credits!
You're probably familiar with some of Ub Iwerks many cartoons, but later in his career, he was also the special photographic advisor for movies like Walt Disney's "The Parent Trap," and Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds!" Iwerks and Stalling, the original dream team!

When was the last time you saw a group of neighborhood kids out digging for worms so they could all go fishing? I'm thinking like never!

This scene was one big joke, the golfer says fore, but the kid says five, because that's how many worms he found in the golfer's divot, and so the banter goes back and forth, again and again!

Quite the bargain, but I'm still not sure about the ethics of selling a car to a bunch of grammar school kids!

The car is such a piece of crap, the mechanic pushes it to make it go! The naive kids are really impressed with the speed they're traveling!

The tires are all flat, so the kid known as Pinhead volunteers to air them up!

But this is what happens when helium is substituted for compressed air! As a point of reference, here's a song that Hermanos Guzanos recorded over 25 years ago called "Helium Man!"

The flying car is not recognized as friendly and the authorities attempt to shoot it down!

Pinhead finally catches a fish the hard way!

This last shot reminds me of an ink drawing Tabonga made in high school of a bunch of little butts releasing gas!

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