Thursday, June 11, 2015

~ CHRISTOPHER LEE DIES AT AGE 93 ~ It's The End Of An Era!

It is a very sad day, here at The Dungeon...

.......And here's just a handful of images that will explain exactly why!!!

Rest In Peace Sir Lee!


R. Claude said...

A sad day but what a life !

iain said...

The tag "Drink a pint of blood a day" is interesting to we Brits of a certain age - it is a play on the hugely popular Drink Milk advertising campaign of the mid-1960s: "Drink a pint of milk a day".

Grant said...

I seem to be especially attached to the movies of his that people either dislike or don't even know, like DRACULA 1972 and the comedy UNCLE WAS A VAMPIRE, but I like him in just about everything. Rene Claude is right.

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