Monday, June 8, 2015


So, it's Monday and time for a pile of fun from the land of the rising sun. What you don't know about Japanese TV superheroes protecting the world from all the bad monsters might surprise you, here are some cool shots from what seems to be a never ending supply of insanity for our enjoyment, looks like 1970s to 1990s here. The DVD I took this from is in Japanese so there will not be any names given for identification, I'll just be having some fun with it...

I have a sound clip from this wild collection of craziness for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our monster cyclopedia, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Here's... JAPANESE TV MONSTERS AND HEROES!

No, you are wrong you stupid Earthling... You cannot see us!!

Now, here's a scary looking guy, must be what you don't know about him that's terrifying!

I showed this still because I love that super-duper looking patrol car in the background.

I'll just let you try and figure out what's going on here with this super-girl...

This water spigot monster takes one right in the chops!

Dude, I'm really sorry about that, let's shake on it!.. Come on, what are you afraid of?

HIIII-YAH!!.. That reminds me, girls are lucky, they have built in air conditioning!

Every now and again, really cool looking bad guys show up, like this killer robo-fiend!..

Or, like this neato underground demon bent on destroying more puny humans, what else?!

This big old stupid blabbermouth monster just won't shut the Hell up, jeez!!

That's right, that's a big rubber hand riding in the Jeep, coming to grab our hero big time!


Seriously, what the Hell kind of monster is this?!!..

Let no stone go unturned has to be the motto of these Japanese monster designers!

These monster makers seem to always have weird surprises in store for the viewer!

Or, how about this bad guy that can turn into a fully armed destroyer cannon?!

Here's kind of an Alien creature that takes our hero to another dimension to fight it out.

This cracks me up, a family confiding in a monster!


I'll end with this giant amoeba thing, it somehow reminds me of the giant monster in THE FLESH EATERS!.. Anyway, check in Wednesday when we'll be back to have your back when it comes to your wild 'n' weird side!


Richard S. said...

For more crazy Japanese monsters, I heartily recommend "The Great Yokai War" (2005) -

TC said...

Offhand, these don't seem to ring any bells with me.

I do remember coming home from school and watching "Ultra Man" on weekday afternoons. And the movie "Voyage Into Space," a feature-length version of the "Johnny Sokko" TV series, also turned up sometimes, either in the weekday afternoon "Million Dollar Movie"-type slots, or on the weekend late-late-late show.

I remember seeing ads for "Spectreman" and "Space Giants" but never actually watched the shows.

In the late 1970's, there was a line of robot action figures called Shogun Warriors. That was the American toy company's umbrella title for them; the characters (Raydeen, Dangard Ace, Mazinger Z) were from different Japanese TV shows that were unrelated to each other. Marvel Comics published a tie-in series, and I assume the TV shows were syndicated in the US at that time, although I never saw them.

The popularity of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the mid-1990's reminded me of the 1966 Batman fad. What makes me feel old is realizing that the kids who watched the Power Rangers (and played with the action figures) in 1994 are young adults now. Well, realizing that, and also realizing that I am old enough to remember the Batman fad in the first place, which means I'm old enough to remember 1966. :)

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